Someone (who I can’t mention on pain of death) pointed out an Amazon page to me…

Where Da Book is listed

Which means that I better finish writing it…

It’s definitely a weird feeling to see it up on a website I buy most of my books from.  I’m currently polishing the ‘final’ first draft before sending it off to the publishers so they can edit it into something approaching English.  I’m having a bit of a crisis of confidence at the moment.  Reading through my old posts I’m constantly worried that my writing skills are not good enough to be published.

One thing that leaps out when you look at a collected bunch of posts is how I seem to spend a lot of time trying to get a cup of tea, or worrying about sleep.

At one point we seriously considered subtitling the book “One man’s quest for a cup of tea”.

It’ll be finished before the end of the week, so I’ll see what my publishers have to say.  Until then I’m afraid I’m going to be neglecting this blog and email.  Maybe I’ll post something from work via my mobile phone, but unless I come across a job that I simply must write about, the next post might take until Wednesday to write.

So I shall leave you to ponder an important life lesson about ‘ass-hair’.

18 thoughts on “Amazon”

  1. I've told you this before and I'm telling you it again now, just cos.Your writing skills are more than good enough.

    (and thank you for posting that link in my comments – I laughed out loud)

  2. well, tea and sleep are important parts of your life. And things you don't get enough of. It's an accurate reflection.As for the ass-hair… I wonder, will it stop him wanting girls to have their ladybits clean shaven/waxed/whatever?

  3. WHat is interesting in that book advert on Amazon – 'people who bought from Tom Reynolds have also bought…..' Which means either amazon is being foolish, a lot of early copies have been sold – or you've published before.Let's hope it's the middle one!

  4. What pixeldiva said. You wouldn't have got a publishing deal otherwise. And, speaking as an ex-editor, I'd say it's morally wrong for writers to submit books with completely correct spelling, grammar etc, because editors need writers' errors or they'd be out of work. So quit fretting!

  5. The book is bound to be a success. Love the sub-title idea. How about adding “and a good kip”? Plus, thanks for the link. Hilhairious…

  6. Brilliant link!You get some rather interesting results if you click on your name on the Amazon page. What an interesting spread of previous publications…

  7. That is so cool – I've put in my advance order.And to reiterate what other posters have said: Yes, your writing skills ARE good enough. After all, if Salman Rushdie's pretentious, self-indulgent ramblings are considered “Literature”, what price concise, humorous prose!

  8. Well…I think I'm a better writer than 'Belle de Jour' (*grits teeth*), and they are supposed to be a journalist, so…*shrug*

  9. well you see, once you start you can't stop – so if all the women in the world decided against shaving/waxing/epilating, then there would be a mass outcry from men the world over. Would you want to go out with a hairy woman???

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