4 thoughts on “Mind Hack”

  1. So if ambulances played the theme from 'Casualty' and police cars 'Johny Todd' (The Z-Cars theme)you could see whether the git in the car in front who won't get out of the way hates you or the police – or is just too stupid to be driving.

  2. That was pretty interesting. Got me thinking though, I usually buy Aussie Chardonnay, is this because I see people throwing shopping into their trolleys and my brain associates it with boomerangs? I can honestly say I have never heard Waltzing Matilda being played in the supermarket! Or is it because all the men in the beer aisle (my other half included!) remind me of Rolf Harris?I will walk around the supermarket today with my ears open 🙂

  3. I've noticed Sainsbury's have started piping the smell of fresh baked hot cross buns around. Made me buy them, anyway…I followed some links on that site to another interesting hack regarding caffeine (pdf)

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