A while ago I read my posts and published them as podcasts.  It ended up taking too much time and was impossible to do while blogging from work, so I had to stop.

However – if you cast your eyes over to the sidebar you will spot a new icon Talkr Icon.  This clever little thingy converts my RSS feed into an audio RSS feed.  Copy and paste that link into your podcaster software and you will get a pretty good computer generated reading of my posts.

If I were clever I’d know how to add a “Listen to this article” link at the bottom of each of my posts – but after spending some time wrestling with the Blogware templates it’s all a bit beyond me…

For anyone who is interested I’ll be at the second Open Rights meeting, although to get to it has meant that I’ve had to spend some of my annual leave to get a night off work.

If you are going, come over and say Hi.

2 thoughts on “Talkr”

  1. Well Tom I awaited with baited breath when I first opened your book after a heavy shift at work. I was on the plane bound for Canada, soon to be my new home. Working in the City has become too expensive and too busy for my liking. Yes I am an EMT for the LAS aswell.Your book and writing has been an emotive roundabout for me over the past few days and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. What you have said are exactly the words that I am feeling about this job of ours. I saw the report in the paper at work on our noticeboard and just had to buy it for curiosity sake and the thought that you may lose your job !!. Am writing this from a friends computer in Canada so not sure if you will get it.

    Keep up the good work Fella its worth all the money I paid.

    John EMT S West London

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