3 thoughts on “3 pm”

  1. Ambulance Techs giving drugs?Ambulance Techs diagnosing?

    Leaving patients at home?

    Child Protection?

    'Off List' use of medications?

    working to rule?

    There are soooo many issues within ambulance services within this county….

  2. in scotland we had treat and refer policy introduced a number of months back. basically in a few situations, asthma is one, if your happy the patient is ok after treatment you leave a bit of paper with them and tell them to see their gp.given the relatively short acting nature of salbutamol not a responsibility i'll ever take. especially with a kid.

    can just imagine management backing me up on that one!!

  3. Just curious about LearningNursing's post. What is the issue with an Ambo adminstering medications in accordance with guidelines? Obviously some contentious issues here, look forward to hearing more .

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