We were sent toward an out of area job 'Male, fell on Monday, now complaining of pain'. As we reached the halfway point to the job we got cancelled for a nearer ambulance.We got halfway back to station before they sent us across our area to a young man who had been fitting. He hasn't yet been diagnosed with epilepsy, but it seemed quite likely that this was the cause of his fit.
We spent a couple of minutes waiting for him to leave the toilet. We then did all the normal assessments and treatments and drove him to hospital.
He returned the favour by vomiting over the back of our ambulance…
…back to station now for the least sexy part of my job.
Mopping out.

6 thoughts on “11am”

  1. Good luck, I'll be off to work now for a 12-midnight sigh!Please try not to bring in too many, Encourage independance, Reduce Infection rates, bring down waiting lists, and lower staff fatigue. YOU have the power now Tom.

    Leave a patient at home day.

  2. He's got the legs for it, but his frame is awfully big…perhaps a peasant blouse and short skirt?Hell, what are we thinking, Bats?? A naughty nurse uniform, of course!

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