The first call of the day came just as we were about to tuck into our McDonalds breakfast. While the call was given as '84 year old male in diabetic coma', unfortunately the patient had been dead for some time, so there was nothing we could do for him.While it might seem a little heartless, we were at least able to eat our breakfast and drink our coffee while we waited for the police to turn up…

9 thoughts on “9am”

  1. Actually, I think it's rather sensible, chances are you'll need the energy later in the shift for patients that do need help.

  2. MaccyD's breakfast is not mentioned in my MIMS as a cure for 3am indigestion . . . :-)Seriously though, good luck on your first day back on the big white taxi.

  3. LOL, not specifically of recently dead 84 year olds, more of what his new ambulance is like, view from the road that kind of stuff. Besides, I'm pretty sure it would be breaking all kinds of codes of conducts to take pictures of patients and plaster them on the blog. If he were to email them to me and I put them up on a rival blog however….Nah, still not that sick of a puppy.

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