It's seven am, the start of my shift, and I'm 'single', at the moment there is no-one for me to work with. However I've phoned our resource centre and I've been told that I'll be working with a mate of mine who is coming in for a bit of overtime.I think I'll drive the ambulance today – after spending nearly a year away from the 'Truck', I could probably do with some practice.
An ambulance is a bit wider than a Vauxhall Astra, so if you are driving (or walking) in Newham today, be wary of the ambulance weaving it's way down the road occasionally clipping the wing mirrors of parked cars…

8 thoughts on “7am”

  1. when you hit 'em with your “big yellow taxi” Its 10 points for school kids and 50 points of chavs (+100 if they are in burbury)

  2. tom have a great day mate enjoy yourself.coobeastie watch what you say about BASTARD 4×4's i drive one and so do many other friends in the emergency services and i drive an ambulance, minibuse's aswell and yes our 4×4's do get used for what they where designed for. http://www.mud-club.com. not just showing around chelsea

    tom apologies for the rant.


  3. Yes, but presumably any that Tom is going to come across in his patch will be bastard 4x4s, not genuine ones. My thoughts – if it's clean, it doesn't get used properly!

  4. HAve you ever considered that it's just well loved. My 4X4 is clean because it gets washed twice a week after all the celt that's on it!

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