Remember when I asked you to go vote for me for the Medgadget awards?  Well I won…twice, both best Medblog, and best Literary Medblog.  Nee Naw (also London Ambulance Service) won the Best Newcomer award.  A bit of a full sweep for us London ambulance people then.  You can read about it here.

So thanks for voting for me, it’s very much appreciated.

14 thoughts on “Award!”

  1. Congrats Reynolds!A good start to 2006 and long may it continue. I'd also like to say thanks for making my work day a bit more fun and giving me a damn good laugh as well as making me think about things that normally wouldn't affect me.

    Well done and thank you.

  2. Congrats. Were you surprised by the literary award? I recall you said in one post that you didn't think it was your cup of tea.

  3. Voting you and NeeNaw is the least thing I can do in exchange for your entertaining, educating us daily.By the way, my English teacher commended your writing.

    “This fellow can write alright!” was his words.


  4. Well I predicted that you would be published within the next year, and got that right . . . so it was fairly easy for me to work out that both you and NeeNaw would win these awards too :)Damn – when will I learn to go to William Hill and actually put my money where my mouth is!

  5. Hooray for us! Well done! I love the comments on the post about how the LAS took all the awards. Pretty good going considering that the whole of Nee Naw Control share a computer and therefore only one of them could vote!

  6. Well done to the LAS in general, ant to you in particular!As people have already said, it's the least we could do…

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