18 thoughts on “Blonde Joke”

  1. I guess this proves my essential blonde-ness – followed loads of links but I never actually reached the joke. hope it was good

  2. I followed 37 links before I twigged – even though some of them were repeats. This may possibly explain why I keep getting rejected from universities, and proves that a degree means nowt. I'm not even blonde!

  3. Hehe. Despite my blondness I caught on after clicking the first link. (But clicked the next just to make sure.) Of course, thats not to say I don't have my blond moments, like when I wondered exactly how the trap on my sink came… oh there it goes… now just how do I get it back on again.

  4. yes – i'm just a thick bint sometimes. I went to KFC last week and managed to ask if the chicken burger had chicken in it. I did mean tomato but it just didnt come out that way!

  5. See now, that would be really good if all the links worked… But when it breaks down after only two clicks, it kind of loses the impact!

  6. Hmmmm,Wel I twigged after 3 clicks, but did wonder how far it went.

    How many links are they? I didn't see it getting circular, but I didn't get to 37 :))

  7. And I am not bbx! I don't even know who that is, I'm sure they ought to be worried that I can post as them… 😉 I will have a look at my cookies and see if I can reset this…


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