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While I continue my experiment in how much sleep deprivation I can stand until the hallucinations get too distracting, I shall point you in the general direction of this amusing video.

I promise, not as addictive as the Falling Sand Programme.

It took me about five attempts at spelling ‘humorous’ until I gave it up as a bad job and substituted ‘amusing’.

14 thoughts on “Google Video”

  1. 21 hours on my feet was the longest day I ever did. It was terrifying driving home; I was so out of it I couldn't tell the difference between red and green lights.Scary stuff – thankfully I usually only do 13-15 hour days/nights, so am able to get 5 hours sleep when I finally get home.

    Go to sleep Tom!!!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Not seen that video before. The memory of it will make Monday morning easier. I'll smirk my way to work.

  3. Because I've been working on getting my World of Warcraft character all the way up to (top) level 60.Job done – so now it's time to work on the book…

  4. 62 hours without sleep was my record. That was last week! I didn't really start going crazy until the 3rd day, and then felt much worse after I'd actually had sleep.

  5. Last time I went out observing with the ambulance service here, I managed two days in a row with just 3 hours sleep. By the time I came home from the day shift I was so hyped up I couldn't get to sleep. It was really bizarre. It hit me on the second day though – I was just bushed completely! I'm not sure how you do it for a living mate!

  6. Because, after a while, you get used to it – too many days going to 'pain in belly for four days', and the only feeling you get when the activation phone rings is “Bugger it, I've still got half my cup of tea to drink…”Your excitment at running to a call disappears, you end up getting excited only when you turn up and it's something serious.

    You also soon lose excitment at pounding on the chests of dead people.

  7. Well Mr Reynolds it sounds like you're feeling disillusioned with your job at the moment. You Ok??On a random question are you going to do the Paramedic qualification in the future or are you happy as an EMT?

  8. Yeah, I'm fine. You just get used to going to a load of old rubbish calls. Also I've just woken up – how's that for dedication – I read my comments before I make my *ahem* early evening wakeup coffee…Yep, the plan is to go for my paramedic course in the near future…

  9. The Mortal Kombat short is funny, but I think the 'blowjob' parody commercial is funnier. Scarily enough my older son (17) says this is 'regular stuff' at school.

  10. :)There'll be corporate ad people going mad when they see that video. Not because it rips off the Mastercard ads, but because it is listed as a “Visa” commercial!

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