Love Boat

It’s 5:30am.  I’ve been up all night working on the book.

Why then am I both hypnotised and horrified by my first viewing of iconic 70’s TV programme “The Love Boat”?

It is, however, less surprising that I’m hypnotised by this zen non-game.

It’s also not surprising that I can barely string a sentence together…


16 thoughts on “Love Boat”

  1. Thanks for the game link, a whole new reason not to actually do any work while im sitting at the pc :o) (I think I'd rather work than watch love boat though!)

  2. That's coz it was such a kool! programme and you're such a kool chap.Loads of stuff to be said, but just wanted to drop in, read and say hi.


  3. Sand game, cool. After I figured out it wasn't full on the screen and the controls became visible.Love Boat- lame. I watched it as a kid. Which fit my rudimentary taste. Sorry it is being inflicted on you.

  4. This is totally off topic, but what's your opinion on first aid courses for the general public? Useful?Reason I ask is that I've been looking for such a course and they want an amazing amount of money for one. It must put a lot of people off, it's certainly put me off.

  5. I took a free, first aid for parents, course run by my local government, I thought it was fantastic, most of the stuff was the sort of common sense stuff we already know, but there is a big difference in knowing the right thing to do and thinking you know the right thing to do, I felt that the course gave me the confidence i would need in an emergency situation as well as teaching me handle all sorts of nasties untill the proffessionals arrive.

  6. Yeah that's why I want to do one, but I'm not a parent. There are big discounts for people on benefits and that at one course I looked at, but I'm not on benefits or anything. 🙁

  7. Falling sand Game has almost crashed my laptop for some reason but as for The Love Boat – mindless. addictive, entertaining, fabulous rubbish. One of my all time favourites – 'yes boss'!

  8. First aid courses are excellent and in my opinion should be part of the national curriculum (what remains of it at least…)I would say that not only will a first aid course improve your confidence with medical stuff, but it'll also improve your motivation (motivation is the wrong word, but I have no sleep right now…) it'll reduce the fear in getting involved in emergency situations.

    Don't ask me what I'm trying to say – I'm currently experimenting in sleep deprivation as a mind expanding exercise.

  9. One of my New Year resolutions was to cut down on non productive (?) web surfing. The Falling Sand game came along. Resolution broken. Must fill screen with sand…….

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