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The Medical Weblog Awards are up for voting at the moment. I've been nominated in two categories, best literary blog and best medical blog. Please feel free to go and vote for the blog that you like the best*NeeNaw is also nominated for the best new medblog (He’s streaming ahead – and quite rightly so).

*Obviously I want to you decide which one you like the best, and vote accordingly – but if you vote for me it might spark a little light in my dead, cold heart…

It’s also time for the 2006 Bloggies, where it is always fun to see who pops up in the nominations.

Blogging may be a little sparse this week, I’m taking some time to work on the book before my final set on nightshifts on the car next week.  Then from the 16th I’m back on an actual ambulance.

I can’t wait…



Blatent whoring is now over until I have something to sell you sometime later this year.

6 thoughts on “Awards And Stuff”

  1. Done my bit too. You're well ahead in the medblog category at the moment and in front on the literary front too. Well done!Cheers


  2. Done my small bit for the cause. Good Luck! You deserve some more accolades for the education, entertainment and fascination you provide for us, your loyal readers. Good Luck with the book and with your return to the bigger vehicle. Hope the dark winter thoughts begin to lift for you soon. Bugger all you can do except wait though…that's how it is. Know anyone who can do a sun-dance?

  3. I've voted for you in the literary category, but couldn't see you in the “Best Medical Weblog” one. Am I missing something?

  4. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order but split into two boxes fro some reason. Go down to the second box.

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