NYE Night

New years night was a busy one for the London ambulance service. There were 38 stabbings over the course of the night. I spoke to my workmate who was on the car that night, he attended four stabbings one after another.By 5am there had been in excess of 2,000 calls (we normally do a shade under 4,000 calls over 24 hours).
On the television one of our top-ranking management people described the night as 'horrific', which I would say is a pretty fair assessment.
The 'drunk bus' also did a lot of work, although I wonder at the need to take drunks to hospital, it's not as if they are actually ill. Also you must be able to sit in a chair in order to use this vehicle, so I'd suggest that they weren't 'life-threateningly' drunk.
I am extremely glad I wasn't working that night…

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  1. Thanks for being there.I so miss working the 'holiday' – but feel I would lose my professionalism so it's meant to be that I'm not.

    Keep on brilliantly blogging.

    You and others may also be interested in Peter Beresford's Blog on the Community Care website ….


  2. People seriously need to get a grip and learn to take responsibility for their own actions …..the section on smoking had me in tears… so very poignantly true.

    How hypocritical are we all.


  3. The medical world takes the brunt of all this ciggies and booze culture.What do smoking and excessive drinking have in common which means the governemt will never do anything about them?

    Billions in tax revenue.

  4. broadly i agree vic, but i think that this means we should be taxing more things like this. if we legalised various narcotics, we could get the tax revenue on those too, and pour that into the health service too. this would take the money from the organised criminals that are currently taking it all.

  5. oh, for peace and tolerance and goodwill to all men.Of course that would have to include not only the people getting stabby being peaceful and tolerant and full of goodwill, but also the rest of us being more tolerant to people who have problems with cigarettes, alcohol and so on. Being willing to help and understand rather than censure and blame.

  6. Tell me about it. Happy night in tne frozen north 8 and a half hours without a break, being sent 15 milesto a prat who puched a window and then dressed the wound with masking tape! Still, at least i was able to usher in the the new year with a good cigar! Happy New year to all.

  7. My NYE consisted of a couple of glasses of wine, and two bottles of beer. The most rock & roll thing I did was eating a dangerous amount of sausage rolls.I must be mellowing in my old age.

  8. NYE for me: nice cuppa tea and a Buster Keaton movie (Steamboat Bill, Jr., to be precise). Talk about mellowing. But fireworks were out of the question because the weather was dreadful. Raining and windy and about 15C. We're not used to that here in Southern California.

  9. 38 Stabbings.How many of the stabbers picked up something to stab someone and how many already were already carring a knife?

    To carry a knife is bad enough. But to be drunk and carring a knife…

  10. I did a 12 hour shift NYE (with a voluntary organisation) we took some of the low priority calls from our local ambulance service. People were pleased to see us tootle up, except X the Royal Marine who was too drunk to really notice. Weather was milder this year so less slips and falls than last year. The all night drinking laws don't seem to have made much difference yet. One officer I spoke too said the summer would tell when the light nights are here.I hope your 2006 is as good or better than 2005.

    Do you need a pseudonym for your partner when you go back on to proper ambulances?

  11. Do you think the tube strike had anything to do with the high numbers of calls? Or am I being a cynical doctor again?

  12. Drunks may not need hospital if they can sit up, but left out by themselves, they soon would… Which may have been say, 20 of the stabees.

  13. My point being, that if they can sit up, they don't need hospital treatment – and that they may be better off, oh I dunno…getting a cab home with their friends.

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