A big thanks to all the people who sought out their local ambulance stations and similar to feed them.  A personal extra big thanks to *version 3.1 who, besides having the best fancy dress costume ever, left a lovely package full of sugary goodness at my station.

Also, thanks to everyone who wished me and my fellow workers a merry Christmas.  It’s all appreciated.

Big news tomorrow…

7 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. Ahahah…. so I gathered when your colleague said (in such a funny tone of voice), “I have a young lady here with some things for you,” or something along those lines. Funny though – I apparently 'scared the life' out of the fellow I approached. I sort of shuffled into the ambo station not knowing what do to or where to go… (or whether or not you were even there!)

  2. No problemo, sir. I didn't know what to bring anyway… so you might as well relish the stuff teenagers eat these days. It's what I've been living on anyway!

  3. Ahh…that explains a lot about you youngsters and your behaviour…The train ticket was an inspired touch by the way.

    Although now I'm going to have to explain to the biggest gossip in the LAS what a young woman was doing delivering parcels to me…

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