Job X

17:49 – 18 year old female, fainted.A new experience for me as it all took part in a Shiska bar. Strange to have 30 young Muslim males, smoking shiska, wishing me a happy Christmas and astounded that I have to work today.
The patient was fine, and didn't want to go to hospital. As her examination was fine, I left her with her friends.
Hopefully the last job of the shift for me.
Merry Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Job X”

  1. Thanks for the multiple posts today — gave me something to read while hiding from my family at the same time as making me grateful that i have healthy and happy family!I hope you have a nice holiday when you are done working (i know from previous posts that you're not particularly into the holiday but i hope you get to be merry all the same)

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the lovely man at EMAS's Arnold Ambulance Depot seemed most grateful for the crisps and chocolate donation! He even wrote it down in the occurance book and gave my sister and me a little tour. Aww :)Merry Christmas to you, Tom. And, were I religious, I'd say God Bless, but as it is, thank you for the wonderful job you do.

    Eri x

  3. Hope you're sitting in front of your own fire/ heater/ whatever by now, toasting your toes, and sipping a pint/ vodka / nondenominational beverage of your choice. Santa Claus reads your blog during this time of mass ga-ga-ness.

  4. Fascinating to read your blog – i am so glad that you are out there.Hope you can now have a rest and wish you all the best for the New Year (and the new book!)

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