Job Two

10:38 Set to a Bupa nursing home for a little old lady with a grotty chest infection. Quite seriously ill, and as is common in nursing homes 'it happened suddenly'.After taking the patient away they asked for the oxygen mask back as it was the only one they had…
…why aren't we winning the fight against MRSA?
(For those that don't know, oxygen masks are one use items, otherwise illness, for example a CHEST INFECTION may be spread between two people).
Time to return to station to fill in a 'dangerous occurance' form…

4 thoughts on “Job Two”

  1. I do wonder at times.I hope your christmas on station is peaceful so far.

    Take care out there,


    P.S. I'm working tomorrow so no doubt I'll get the same sort of crud you do but on Boxing day instead.

  2. I had a dentists office do the same thing with a nasal cannula (nasal prongs?) once. We gently explained that they were disposable, and brought them several more. Ewwwwwwwwww.

  3. Ever pick up a pt from a GP's office, where the hudson mask has turned opaque from over use?…(yes they do ask for it back)

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