Christmas 2005

Kate's newspaper bitSo it's Christmas. I'm probably sitting in my car, all alone and hungry outside Stratford town centre. Feel pity for me.
Further on in the article it talks to a homeless fellow. Seems that he is getting a full Christmas dinner in one of the homeless hostels. That is better than us poor bloody ambulance workers. Not that I begrudge them a good meal mind you, just that us in the LAS find it funny. I'd bet that prisoners will be eating better than me today as well.

I wonder how many drunks I'll pick up today.

15 thoughts on “Christmas 2005”

  1. merry christmas to you and yours, Hope you find at least one example of christmas cheer today. :o), and thanks for being around for all those who need you no matter what the time of year.

  2. Hope all those in uniform have a SAFE shift, just try to think how much worse someone's Christmas could be if you werent there and try to forget all the idiots….

  3. I'm hoping that I hardly need to go out today, so then I can have a nice bit of Christmas cheer sitting around the station drinking a nice cup of tea.

  4. happy xmas tom. have a shift that is not too taxing and is relaxing.Dave M

    if you try to say the 'Q' word in the FA unit, you will get all the Johnnies trying to get they fist in you mouth so you cant

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