18 thoughts on “Happy Christmas…”

  1. Working with people younger than yourself can be very rewarding. Also very sad at times.It cannot help but touch you on occasion and you let work get inside your iron overcoat. Still this is our job. Chin up, Carry on.

  2. Your post has just reminded me how lucky I am to be happy, healthy and safe. And just how many people in the world, don't have that to be thankful for this year. You will be in thoughts today and tomorrow to give you strength to provide for people at what can be the worst of times, and change the course of their lives for the better with the littlest bit of kindness.

  3. How very sad… After reading your blog for so long I wonder how you can do it sometimes. Maybe learningnursing was right, its a job, and someone has to do it. Chin up, carry on, and remember what you have to be thankful for.Merry Christmas

    Those children will be in our prayers this holiday season.

  4. That puts my problems into perspective.Try and get along to the next geek dinner so we can pickle your liver some more/

  5. Today I've taken one deceased 30 something year old in suspicious circumstances (possibly the same one as you? I must check the address…), one unconscious 11 year old spouting blood from her mouth and one suspended baby. But the festive spirit is amongst us after all because the suspended baby turned out not to be suspended after all and didn't even need blueing in.

  6. Nope, I look it up and it was a different one. How festive.On the plus side, there definitely seemed to be less timewasters today. I guess that's coz people don't want to spend Christmas in hospital.

  7. Yup, very festive. Ten minutes ago, I was playing happily with my fifteen month old neice; reading stories like this makes you realise how lucky you are and hope against hope that your loved ones don't have to experience grief at this time of year. I'm now going to go and tell her I love her. After all, it never hurts to say it too often… Happy Christmas.

  8. Thats crappy luck for you. Puts my difficulty cooking a christmas dinner right in to perspective. Hope the rest of the shift goes better.

  9. As this is my first christmas in the world of blogging, I wish you a merry christmas, and hope you realise how much we appreciate your job, and your blog!M

  10. No, I'm afraid I got the time-wasters today. Got two or three “proper” jobs too, including a poor 87 year old lady who'd apparently fallen downstairs in the night and passed away apparently trying to get herself up off the floor.The family will certainly remember this christmas receiving the news from the poilice…..

    Merry Christmas

  11. That makes my seven call outs today seem trivial.Festive greetings to all. And to Tom, Neenaw and everyone else working out in the cold today, may your day fly by so you are home with friends soon.


  12. Just goes to show, Christmas ain't magic. And that's a Merry F*****g Christmas. I personally took care of 3 broken ankles from falling on ice, 2 broken wrists from putting up lights, and an infected finger(requiring surgery) from making Christmas cards. (Sing along, you know the tune.)There were more outside my purview. And they were the lucky ones.

    Hope you have a very quiet January with lots of hot tea.

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