Do I Drink Too Much?

There has been a big discussion in the ‘Can’t be bothered’ post about how to tell if you are becoming an alcoholic.  What with my constant despair about the number and type of alcoholics I find myself attending.

You can check your drinking habits at the Drink Aware website.  I’ve given it a quick look over, and it’s well worth a look.  It’s not too preachy, perhaps because it is operated by the Portman group, which is made up by many of the main suppliers of alcohol.

18 thoughts on “Do I Drink Too Much?”

  1. I am a former drinker and I found this website interesting because when I answered the questions truthfully (for when I was drinking) I was deemed “drinking very harmful.” This fits for me. Also in my experience it didn't matter who told me that I had a problem. I came to the realization that I had two options…..die or stop drinking. I wish luck to all those out there who are having touble with the drink.Peace


  2. Considering that I don't drink that often, and drink no more than most people I know, and have never had a reason to consider myself as “having an alcohol problem” either the site is scaremongering, or everyone I know is part of that scurrilous 3.6% who have even worse habits than me.

  3. Drinkaware, when answered honestly, told me to take the test at duly did this test and scored 13, which put me in in the 2nd category “Risky”. The other categories available were “usually safe”, “harmful” and “very harmful”.

    I did the test again, as a tea totaller and scored 0, which put me in the “usually safe” group…….USUALLY SAFE????!? Suddenly both websites hit rock bottom in my estimation. They're seem geared at scaremongering.

    If I had one drink a month, this site would have me wondering if my drinking was safe! As such it said my drinking is risky. What am I at risk of? Moving into the harmful group? My habit hasn't changed in years, I'm not in a downward spiral, to be concise – I'm in control.

    Everybody knows if they're drinking to much. They may or may not admit it to anyone else or even to themselves, but then know it. Only they can then make the decision to alter or cease their habit. Everyone is different too, no basic criteria like those offered on these sites can accurately identify a problem drinker.

    Nothing beats the application of some good old fashioned common sense…

    (p.s. It's a shame nobody picked up on the comment that Nigel made regarding the tax on booze and the cost of treating the small group of people that are damaged by it)

  4. yeh – I wasn't impressed by the some of the questions (or rather how you had to answer them) and the wacky results from altering just a few questions.e.g. without changing the amount of drink answers I was able to change it from “you seem to be drinking to much” and “learn what a unit is”, to “everything seems OK”.

  5. hmmm, something wrong with the comment code? The last post “yeh -” was not bbx? it should have been anonymous…

  6. You know…the way you said 'I'm in control' is a bit of a red flag to me. I'm no psychologist, but when someone says that then I'm worried.Look, the fact that you have concerns means that you do, on some deep level, think that you drink too much.

    Also 'They may or may not admit it to anyone else or even to themselves', are you sure you aren't in this group? The amount you drink seems too much in my experience, and it looks to me that you may be asking me to tell you this, so that you have the impetus to reduce your intake.

    But yes – zero points should be 'SAFE', but then if you say something is safe, then someone dies because they are not protected by the cardio-protective amount of a small amount of alcohol…Law-suits ahoy.

    All the tools to diagnose alcoholism, are just that – tools. At the end of the day, you need a proper medical assessment if you want to diagnose it properly.

  7. So you get different results by changing a few answers?Strange that.

    It'd be stranger if you change the answer and the result was the same…

  8. What, that a fella was killed in the back of an ambulance, or that most of the murderers came from my patch?I'm not worried, I can run really fast if I have the right motivation.

  9. Eep, both! A fairly isolated incident one would hope, but that would really worry me if I was out doing your job. But then I'm a wuss and can't run whatever the motivation. Not even for chocolate. Not even to get away from Elton John singing Candle in the Wind. (Well, maybe for that….)

  10. don't be a prat. If you're teetotal then there is no concievable way you don't drink too much and therefore it's blindingly obvious you don't need to do the test at all. That's why there isn't a category for teetotal.Besides, it isn't US you have to convince that you're in control.

  11. It said my drinking was “harmful” and that 96.4% of the population have safer drinking habits than I do so I am inclined to agree with those who say the site is scaremongering. I hope my liver agrees.

  12. I have the utmost respect for anyone who manages to identify a problem and deal with it – especially with drinking, it can be one of the hardest things in the world.I don't know you, so it would be patronising for me to say much more, but as I've already admitted to being the child of an alcoholic I can sincerely say that I wish more people could do what you have, recognise their problems, and deal with them before it's too late – like it is for me and my father.

  13. Thanks for your congrats,I think it is funny because when you are falling down drunk and manage to piss on yourself and lose your job and all the other things that I did, it is pretty hard to deny the problem. Unfortunately there are still lots of people who either cannot see that alcohol is causing a problem or they think that the problems that they have are managable. A different type of reality might be that you can go through life happy and sucessful without drinking. I also had occasian to question the amount and what happened to me when I drank. I had said plenty of times that I could quit whenever I wanted to but the truth was that I never wanted to because it felt so good to be drunk. Having said that, I do think that life for me is better without than it was with. Otherwise I would drink all the time. In other words….If I wasn't an alcoholic I would drink all the time.



  14. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I stopped reading after “don't be a prat”.If you can't post without pointless insulting comments, don't bother posting.

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