To Answer Some Questions

To answer some few questions about ‘da Book’.

  • Yes, it is based around the blog – I’m taking blogposts from here, rewriting some of them, adding in new information and putting some of them in context.
  • Yes I am happy being published.  Very happy strangely enough.
  • I have to have the first draft in by the end of February, around 90,000 words.
  • I was approached by the Friday Project, I didn’t approach them.  Actually I was approached by three publishers at once.  Thus proving that publishers are like buses, none for ages and then three come at once.
  • The idea of publishing it under a Creative Commons license was my idea.  I think that the Friday Project are incredibly cool and forward looking to let me do this.  Publishing under this license will hopefully sell more copies, and let me feel like I’m not selling out.
  • I am surprised that people want to publish me.  When I started writing this blog it was the furthest thing from my mind.
  • Yes, Work know, and are happy with the whole idea.
  • No…it hasn’t quite sunk in yet…

7 thoughts on “To Answer Some Questions”

  1. Its's that you are doing the Creative Commons thing. Maybe it will help prove to the publishers that it works : )Congrads once again.

    Have a Great Christmas & New Year

    (well the best one you can have while working)

  2. <Gritted Teeth>I am very happy for you that you got your book deal and that more people will be able to read about your work. And I'm not at all jealous.<Gritted Teeth>

  3. With the 1st delivery date approaching soon, it sounds like you'll be knuckling down to the hard graft very shortly; hope that you manage to celebrate your achievement properly – even if the hangover has to be shortlived.Well done mate, you really deserve it.

  4. There is a bit of a difference here. Number one is that Scott Adams is a well known author, while I have a fair number of people reading this blog, it's not really…famous. So, as a very bright person said 'Obscurity is more of a problem than piracy'.Secondly, from what I gather the book wasn't that good. That might be why it didn't sell well. Something I'm trying to avoid doing.

    Finally how many people downloading something has little relation to how many people who would have otherwise bought it.

    Trust me, I want to make money off this thing – and I honestly believe that this is the best way to do it.

  5. Hi Tom, just catching up with your archives after a blogbreak – and absolutely delighted to find out about this, it's tremendous news, many congratulations. I'll be buying the hard copy!

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