No time for a ‘proper’ post until perhaps the small hours of the morning.  (A question, how is it possible that my body clock is on ‘normal’ hours, and then decides to screw it all up by sleeping for 15 hours straight?)

So until then I give you the gift of a slideshow of transparent computer screens.

4 thoughts on “Screenshow”

  1. Urg. Tell me about it.My body had to go hastily from party mode to night shift mode to day shift mode in the space of four days this week.

    I'm absolutely wrecked right now.

  2. Interesting. I have that pattern too. Sometimes I think I should just work nights, sleep only every 2 nights, or go to live in LA as my body clock is in synch with California! However, living in UK and working 9 to 5 none of those is viable so instead I thought I might try the method in the link below. I found it earlier today.

    Found in today's entry on: –

  3. Note to self Sassy, ….pay attention to Lynns comments and never trust a guy who is off his sleep schedule, they will nail you everytime.

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