We Sometimes Do Good Work

While we deal with a lot of crap jobs on a day to day basis, but when we are really needed I think we do a bloody good job.

One of the people injured in the London bombings is getting married this weekend.

The thing that gets me is this quote.

“As well as losing both feet in the bombing, Ms Hicks lost 75 per cent of her blood and her heart stopped twice on the way to the hospital.”

That means that an ambulance crew successfully resuscitated her twice, long enough to get her to hospital and that because of that unnamed crew, she is now alive and getting married.  It’s stories like that which makes me happy to do the work that I do, that sometimes we can make a difference.

(Via: Going Underground)

15 thoughts on “We Sometimes Do Good Work”

  1. I just wish they would name the crew, credit where credit's due. No shortage of negative press coverage when something goes wrong with the ambulance service, but all's silent when they do an exemplary job in hellish circumstances.

  2. Truth be told I feel secure, protected, and better cared for in the capable hands of the first responders, paramedics, medics, EMT's, Ambulance attendents and some nurses than I ever have with the majority of doctors.It is scary to watch these “Earthly Angels” walk out of trauma and leave you.

  3. Reynolds, For you, and all your colleagues, Thank You. Thank-you for being often anonymous Angels. Thank-you for your sense of humor. Thank you for coming out for every call, and being serious about your skills and attention. Thank-you.

    Forgive the ones who are too stressed or ill or confused to actually thank you, we are all grateful. The media is too lazy to find out which crew did wonderful work, but the ones you saved send up prayers for you, not knowing your names, but knowing they breathe because of you.

  4. Tom I think you guys far more than sometimes do good work.Thanks for the link and thanks for all the life saving work you all do

  5. Nope, if you go back to the day in question you'll see that I came in to cover other people and ended up doing one maternataxi…

  6. It bring a tear to my eyes. there is marrage and maybe sometime kids that would not be, because two highly trained people in green did they job when someone else had did their best to end what they saved.there is lives being saved by green suited people everywhere everyday. and we should not forget that, even if they on the 3rd drunk of the night with nowt but a black and blue bum.

    Salute the people in green. they are the unsung heros

  7. I love maternataxi's.A crew running a maternataxi saved my son 18 years ago this month.

    If not for the crew of this maternataxi as you call it….lol…I would never of had the chance to be a mother or have my beautiful son today.

    God Bless all of you “Earthly Angels” who run the maternataxi's!

  8. And whilst an ambulance crew was saving the woman, my boss and his daughter were happily rubbing their hands and salivating in front of the Bloomberg screen, buying stocks that had momentarily fallen because of the London blasts. I don't think I'll be able to work for these bloodsuckers for much longer. Anybody got a job for a PA with a conscience? Get in touch, please.

  9. They interviewed Gill Hicks for the BBC special on the 7/7 bombings (I've forgotten what it was called, sorry, was aired about three weeks ago), and two of the crew that helped her, then the BBC brought the three of them together for the first time since that day and it was just beautiful… The documentary made it obvious that the crew did absolutely utterly amazing work to keep her alive.Yes, you people do incredible work, thank you 🙂

    (although hopefully I will never need you! 🙂 )

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