I’ve checked with my sources, and the story is true.

At Poplar ambulance station there is no room to park.  The station itself is tiny, barely bigger than a portacabin.  There is a big metal fence and electric gate around it.  There is minimal parking.

So the ambulances park out on the street – if they didn’t then every emergency call would be delayed by minutes as the crews wait for the gate to open and then maneuver the ambulances out.  This would be very bad for the patients (and more importantly, extremely bad for our ORCON times).

There is nowhere else to park.

So…a couple of days ago the ambulances all got parking tickets.

Apparently there is a man who lives in one of the nearby tower blocks who keeps complaining because his daughter nearly had an accident pulling out of the turning.

So a nice man from the council (or a parking warden) came around and put tickets on the ambulances.  In his defence he did try to not ticket them by telling the crews to drive around the block…

The ambulance crews find this all very amusing.

(We are, by our driving exemptions allowed to park where we like as long as it’s not ‘dangerous’, we are guessing that this man has complained so much the council has been spurred into action).

6 thoughts on “Tickets”

  1. Reminds me of an incident last year where a paramedic and I were initially denied access by the staff of a tube station, where a young man had lost an argument with one of the trains.We didn't have tickets.

  2. I can believe it! In Edinburgh it's absolutely mad, with reports of buses picking up passengers at bus stops being given tickets, hearses loading coffins also being ticketed and ambulances on emergency calls being given tickets. Hardly a week goes by without some such story making a local newspaper. Hopefully, though, this man will eventually get the message and stop complaining – after all, it could be his daughter, or even him, affected if there's a delay in getting out through those electric gates ……….

  3. Next time a traffic warden is assualted get there in eight golden orcon minutes, then keep driving as there's nowhere to park.Time to find a new ambulance station I think. See how the locals complain when they lose the cover.

  4. Is it overly cynical of me to believe that if a section of the road was clearly painted up as AMBULANCE PARKING ONLY this man and his daughter would be among the first to understand that to mean “except for us, we can park here if we like…”?

  5. It's also true that an FRU was given a parking ticket while on scene at a cardiac arrest – and he'd left the blue lights on too. The police were called in the end to a) get the parking attendant twit to remove the clamp, and b) to stop him getting lynched by a very angry crowd!

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