How It Should Be Done

It was as if my prayers had been answered, a GP who today managed to balance the poor skills of yesterdays doctor.
I was sent to a 74 year old male with difficulty in breathing and chest pain. My computer display told me that the GP was going to remain with the patient.

I got there and was met by an apologetic GP who thought that the patient just had a chest infection, but while she was talking to him, the patient developed a possibly heart related pain. She had tried treating him herself, but thought that the best thing was for him to have some further tests in hospital.

My assessment and treatment of the patient went without a hitch, and I agreed that although I also thought the pain was as a consequence of his chest infection, it would be best for the patient to be assessed in the local A&E department.

As was the case yesterday the ambulance was 40+ minutes in arriving, so I had a bit of a chat with the GP (who was rather pretty…) and the patient (not so pretty). As there was nothing else the doctor could do with this patient, I let her leave the house to see her other patients.

A nice job, made easier by another health care professional.

Just how it should be.

10 thoughts on “How It Should Be Done”

  1. Good for them! May have been pretty – but was she wearing a ring? First thing to look for. I thought the sex drive didn't boost till spring?

  2. No ring (I always take that information in), and having no sex drive doesn't mean I can't appreciate a pretty lady.I like paintings as well, doesn't mean I want to shag them.

  3. So did you get her number? Will you be volunteering to race half way across London if you know she is the GP?What was she wearing?

  4. Good to hear of a G.P doing things right, but surely we could all feel safer if there was just a bit of consistancy!

  5. So she was a pretty, single, a doctor and you let her leave early. You're slipping Reynolds. Did you at least get her phone number šŸ˜‰

  6. Tom looks like you were impressed more by the prettiness of the doctor, but could only justify a post by praising her conduct!Shame you let her slip away. Good for the patient, wonder if the doctor caused too much excitement for the poor old man?

    The Driving Instructor

  7. The prettiest GP I have ever come across was young, tall, slender yet curvaceous, big dark eyes – I swear she came right of Vogue. And why did I have to go? My hypochondriac girfriend thought I should have that lump in my testicles checked out… yikes! Luckily it was nothing, and she kind of said that in future, if it made me feel more comfortable, I could request a male doctor.

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