Anon Off

What a pleasant way to wake up on a Sunday morning, a quick check of my email before heading off to work throws up 100+ spam emails. Not only that, but as I'm removing them, they are appearing just as quickly.
Shower Of Bastards.

So I'm afraid anonymous posting is now off. And this time it will stay off, as to be honest, I can't deal with these sorts of attacks.

This of course puts me in the right frame of mind for twelve hours of work.

4 thoughts on “Anon Off”

  1. Gahh! Blog spammers are evil. I'm trying to get my blog re-established after a server switch and have opted for registered users only. Its a pain but I just don't want to deal with the ammount of junk they throw at you. (My last blog set all comments containing links for moderation. Good for filtering out spam but was too time consuming.)Of course trackback spam is annoying as there's little defense against it.

    I am surprised however that the sapm got past your captcha, (The image verification system) I assumed they were still pretty secure.

  2. I don't blame you Tom… This also made me get off my ar*e and create an account. Look forward to future posts as always!

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