You may have noticed a new addition to the sidebar on the right of this page.  It’s an Amazon Associates link to a book.

A book on the best of Blogging in 2005.

I may, or may not be in it…

Do feel free to buy it, and get exposed to some blogs you might otherwise not know about.

If lots of people pre-order it before Friday, then it might enter high up in the Amazon.co.uk charts.

For some reason if this situation occurs it would make me happy.

My writing on this blog will be better if I’m happy.

Feel free to blame Tim Worstall for this advertisement.

4 thoughts on “Whoredom”

  1. Couldnt be the same person. Guido, I and Recess Monkey are the three judges of the Journalist Plagiarism from blogs of the year award (or whatever the real name is).Of course, we could all three be the same person I suppose.

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