LU Blogger Meetup

So on Friday, I went into London to meet up with some of the folks who blog while working on the Underground.  Once more I found myself in a strange pub looking for people who I only know from their writing (and it is writing, but more on that in my next/previous post depending on how you read this blog).  Somehow though, we did all manage to find each other, and a very enjoyable time was had by all.

Discussion ranged from safely blogging about work, picking up stalkers and how we seem to have these little microcosms of blogging circles all the way to how badly our jobs suck, and the fun we can have at work despite the best attempts of management.  I also gave career advice to two people.

I now command you to go to the blogs of the people that I remember being there (and if you were there, and I haven’t linked to you – please do let me know).  And why do I command you?  Well, it does my ego the world of good to get emails from people who I link to telling me that their pagehits have gone through the roof.

And this is why I should never hold any position of power…

On The District

Ninja In A Bowler Hat

The Station Log Book

London Underground Life

Version 3.1

Some more posts to come today, maybe even something medically based…

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