No proper posting today because…
1) I'm entertaining friends around my house tonight (as I do every Tuesday evening).

2) I only had one interesting job today and I want to save that for later in the week, when I'm planning on writing someslightly special posts on my week off.

3) Need…sleep… (Or Red Bull)

So as an apology, I give you Leather Pants.

12 thoughts on “Nowt”

  1. Yeah, Tom. Inquiring minds want to know. How, exactly, did you find these pants?(It is, truly, a great ad. An inspiration to us all. I did not, however, buy the pants.)

  2. fantastic!I know what he means about having an item of clothing that you don't like, never wear, but take from place to place for no real reason. In my case it's a knee-length flowery summer dress.

  3. Well…it did the rounds of a few other websites, and I was looking for something interesting at short notice.I do not wear leather trousers…

  4. I own a pair of leather trousers, nice ones, size 12, but I only wear them once or twice a year when I go out somewhere that it's appropriate to wear leather trousers to.Being a size 12 female they look ok on me 🙂

  5. you'd think they should be, but any time I spend in a dress is usually spent longing to get out of it.And into a nice trouser suit, I mean. Ahem.

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