7 thoughts on “Drinkies”

  1. I find it rather amusing. Betwixt various blog entries derailing people with alcohol problems as worthless…you promote drunken shenanigans. Behind tobacco, alcohol is probably the biggest cause of drug related pathology you see. And you lament drunkards ad nauseaum.Alcoholism is a an illness. Do you feel anger at every smoker with an MI ? Yet you class 'the alcos' differently. Despite being a user of this drug yourself.

  2. Ah, but the difference is that I'm not going out to get drunk, and will actually be drinking very little alcohol.There will be no shenanigans, at least not from me.

    And there is a difference between alcoholism and occasional use of alcohol.

    And yes, I do lament drunkards – because why do you let yourself get so drunk you become incontinent and pass out in the middle of the road/pick a fight with random people/puke until you bleed. I can manage not to do it, so why do others?

    Your argument is like saying that I shouldn't drive at legal speeds because some people go over the speed limit.

  3. exzunkly – the problem is irresponsible users, whether it's of alcohol, cars, kitchen knives, mobility scooters, barbecues…

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