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I try to go to conferences about things that interest me, but work (or money) sometimes gets in the way of that.  So I find myself downloading video, or more often audio from various sites like IT Conversations.  Unfortunately, for a bunch of audio/video geeks, the video presentations are often lacking.  I’m guessing that it’s hard to video stuff in a lecture hall, or up on a stage without spending megabucks on equipment.

Also, the presentation when it comes to actual putting it on the internet is also often lacking.

But I do still have a massive amount of respect for the people who do record and upload stuff – this is just a call for a fresh idea (nicked from an EMD site…)

But – I have found (via our unofficial ambulance forum) the following way of doing it right.

It’s a very interesting talk about Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and the speaker is incredibly interesting (and he does indeed ‘tell it how it is’).  The smart thing about this presentation is that the slides are on the right of the screen, while the video of him talking is tightly focused on the left of screen.  You can also directly select where in the talk you want to start.

The only thing that I don’t like is that there isn’t a way to download it to your own computer to view offline.  Any Open source geeks fancy creating an open source version of this software?

Take a look at the presentation, it’s half an hour and the speaker talks a lot of sense.

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  1. Sorry, just re-read your post, I'm assuming by asking for an Open source version of the software, you want something similar to Articulate for free – don't blame you!Matt

  2. Cheers, I didn't know it was a specific package…$699! Bloody Hell! That's a bit much for something that you could probably do with a collection of free, or very cheap software if you had the nous to do so.

    But I've gotta admit – it does a really nice job.

  3. Tom,I didn't realise that my finding that lecture would cause so many ripples, I've seen it mentioned on at least five different sites, but I'm glad that everyone is enjoying it. The good doctor does speak the truth on a lot of subjects! I was also wondering if anyone knew when it was actually given. I have a hunch that it was at one of the EMS today conferences, but I could be wrong.


  4. 699 bucks for the programme? Our company does webcasts and they cost more towards 7000 each – though we've done cheaper ones for charity. They don't look as nice either.This little company has something more similar to the one you linked to…the site doesn't mention costs, but they created their own Flash-based thingummy and it's lovely. I have to say having the slides on one side & the picture or video on the other is the standard corporate way of doing things…makes the most sense, eh?

  5. Although it was obviously very serious subject matter, it had me laughing out loud at times. I nearly gave away the fact that I wasn't working :-)All the Best

    Julian N.

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