My muse sent me a postcard from the beach today – seems that she is enjoying herself on holiday and won’t be back for a bit, so once more I plunge into my list of “things I should write about”…

One of the nicest things about working on the RRU is that I have complete control over the radio/CD player.  Also it is feasible for me to listen to my MP3 player while cruising around the streets of Newham.

A lot of the time I listen to Podcasts, mainly IT Conversations (and there is a very interesting ‘cast there that I’m listening to as I type this), but I do also have a large music library for when I’m feeling less cerebral.

At nights, when I’m cruising around the streets I love to listen to tracks from the Vietnam war era, “We’ve gotta get out of this place” takes on a special meaning depending on where in my ‘patch’ I’m currently in.  There are also a number of mellow tracks from that genre that quite nicely ease me into 4am.

If I’m in a foul mood, then I’ll select some Polyphonic Spree, Alabama 3 or some hardcore dance, as these never fail to cheer me up.

But the real pleasure comes when I’m running on blue lights to a call, and certain tracks are playing…

‘The Batman Theme’ (from the film not the TV series) always brings a smile to my face, as does Yello– The ‘Chase’ which has been used for countless films.  ‘Bat Out of Hell’ by Meatloaf is also a good track to race around to (although I should be at the location waaaay before the end of the track) as is ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen.  Actually, anything uptempo by Queen is a good ‘drive like a nutter’ track.

But listening to the same old tracks is getting a bit dull, so I now need inspiration. 

So I’d like your suggestions for – ‘Music thats good to listen to while breaking the speed limit/driving down the wrong side of the road’.

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  1. The Raveonettes and Twilight, Metallica's always good (I like their version of Whisky in the Jar), Buzzcocks and Ever Fallen In Love.Got me into so much trouble before!!

  2. I'm surprised you're allowed to listen to music when on a blue light run. Don't know why, but I always assumed it would be frowned upon as a potential distraction. Still doesn't answer your question though, does it? Hmm, I'll have a think.

  3. Hmm, you've pretty much picked my two favourite driving songs with “Bat out of Hell” and “Don't Stop Me Now”, but I submit for your kind attention: “Radar Love” by Golden Earring, “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf and pretty much any of the Aerosmith rocky stuff. Not the ballads. “Dude (Looks Like A Lady” is good and so is “Livin' The Edge”.But, if there are idiots getting in the way, something like “Road To Hell” by Chris Rea or “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC might be an idea!

  4. “Orange Blossom Special” – The Hellecasters version!(Just watch out that you don't wrap the speedo round the endstop.)


  5. Ive got this horrible vision of you being involved in a fatal RTA and appearing before the beak and having to explain why you were driving on Blues whilst listening to bat out of hell or the ride of the valkeries — are you thinking of wearing the cavalry uniform hat as well. I believe that in law, its called driving without due care and attention! As a possible precipitating factor in a serious accident that could be cited as causing death by dangerous driving! And here you are making a very public confession.Well Tom, I for one am sure that this particular post has all been tongue in cheek! Hasnt it, hasnt it!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Song 2 by BlurWelcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses (for when youre in a particularly scrotey area)

    T.B Sheets by Van Morrison (For that “Bringing out the Dead” Moment)

  7. Anything by Motorhead – Ace of Spades, Sacrifice, Burner … most apart from the ballad ones (Don't let daddy kiss me, One more f**kin' time etc.)

  8. The Dust Junkys one and only CD “Done and… Dusted”.Like Alabama 3 come back to Blighty. One of the best albums I have ever heard and totally underrated.


  9. stuff by prodigy and the chemical bro's would be good;prodigy

    diesal power

    smack my bitch up



    chem bros:

    block rockin beats

    marvo ging (original or big bad baz remix)

    setting sun

    song to the siren

    star guitar


    count five or six – cornelius

    ya mama – faboy slim

    right here right now – fatboy slim

    phat planet – leftfield

    ready steady go – paul oakenfold

    jaques your body – les rythmes digitales

    rose rougue – st germain

    Love it!

    – J

  10. How about some soundtracks. If you are feeling particularly epic, the Avalon soundtrack, “Log Off” specifically. Or if particularly psychotic, the Pi soundtrack. Or if you just want to go like a mad bastard… how about the “Lost In Space” theme by Apollo 440.

  11. Just having a quick look at my 'zoning' playlist (for driving), and here are some ideas:The first one warrants an explanation. Remember the cool music playing during the nifty trailer for the second Lord of the Rings? That music was a remix of a song from Requiem for a Dream. Good driving music if you can find it.

    Eli's Coming by Three Dog Night

    Praise You by Fatboy Slim

    Think About the Way by Ice MC

    Las Polka by Ben Folds Five

    I'm Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance

    Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

  12. My favorite driving tune of all time is an obscure song from the late 80s/early 90s – Eric Johnson's “Cliffs of Dover”. It's all instrumental – electric guitar, and it's brilliant!

  13. hang on a second, first I have to stop cackling at my internal cinema having some maniac whizzing round London to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now… That's set me right up for the evening, that has.Umm, let's think. My driving experience is limited to Gran Turismo and Simpson's Road Rage on my friend's Playstation. I'm inclined to suggest Road To Hell by Chris Rea, for the title, and Favourite Game by The Cardigans for the beat and feel of it.

  14. Old Canadian punks DOA have covered “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” on their “Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours” LP featuring Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys.Driving tunes: for me it's gotta be “Buzzin'” or “Charge” by Asian Dub Foundation. But if I want get somewhere *really* fast, I prefer some evil breakcore by Venetian Snares (the Chocolate Wheelchair Album) or maybe the Aphex Twin. For an old-skool adrenaline rush try “Hardcore Motherfucker” by Ultraviolence.

  15. Larry Wallis & the Pork Torpedos – “I'm a police car”.Very obscure, very silly & a cracking track to drive fast to!

  16. I'll go for Ezy Rider by Jimi Hendrix and pretty much anything by Nirvana. But if you want to be a little more smiley then go for Ben Folds Five.

  17. Just remembered another old-skool tune that's both highly relevant and funky as hell. “Good Driver” by Depth Charge!

  18. I love driving (fast) and singing at the top of my head (of course) to:the Gypsy Kings' version of 'Hotel California'

    Santa Esmerelda's Version of 'Don't let me be misunderstood'

    Tenacious D 'Tribute'

    The Darkness 'thing called love'


  19. Not so much that, but I would assume that it is uncomfortable enough when you're sitting a few feet away from a piezo that is blaring out one of the loudest everyday street sounds… let alone having Meat Loaf playing loudly over the top as well. I was under the happy, innocent impression that emergency workers concentrate as hard as they possibly can on high-speed driving, instead of listening to loud film soundtracks too. (This is not a dig at you, Tom, I'm just stating my view).Isn't the sound of the wailing siren enough to get the adrenaline rushing when you race to a job?

  20. Guns 'n Roses Paradise City or about any fast paced BNR song, but be aware they makes one drive aggressively.CBRetriever

  21. Try 'Because the nights' by Patti Smith Group. Its on the 'Easter' album. Starts quietly but has a cracking beat.

  22. There's a song I use to workout to on my exercise bike. It's called Magic Roundabout and it's by Wires, and it's a hyper remix of the theme tune from the programme. Very fast and stupid. It would make my year if an RRU whizzed past me at 90MPH playing this.Improper Dancing and Future Boys by Electric Six are essential.

    Bombs Over Bagdad by Outkast, obviously.

    My Sharona by Polysics is hilarious and has a good beat.

    Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons?

    (You can tell I have a love for twisted cover versions now)

    The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz. 😀

    Quite a lot of Green Day's back catalogue would work, if you like them, especially American Idiot.

    Cake – Stick Shifts and Safety Belts – Perfect.

    That's it for now.

  23. force and styles “all systems go”dj hixxy “toytown”

    little angels “too much too young”

    ac/dc “thunderstruck”

    anything uptempo by led zep

  24. Loosing my favourite game by the Cardigans, hands down, without a doubt :o) there are others but, I guess I'd bore you if I listed them all.

  25. 'Bout damned time someone mentioned Cake! Definitely “Stick Shifts and Safety Belts”, and in keeping with that driving theme, “The Distance”.Really, though, Cake just rocks, so you should start building your collection. “Never There” and “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” are other faves, not to mention the best cover EVER of Gloria Gaynor's “I Will Survive”.

    For fast/crazy driving (which I would never ever do, natch), I prefer loud and fast “classics”, along with which I can sing equally loudly (the car being my perfect venue, as I'm usually alone). Examples of this would be Violent Femmes, Romantics, Kinks, assorted other alternative 80s, and then stuff like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen, The Who, etc., etc.

  26. Any of the James Bond theme recordings.PipelineThe Duo-Tone Surf Music UnpluggedRocks like you would not believe.

    I Put a Spell On YouNatacha Atlas album Ayeshteni Amazing drive and groove.

    Hell Squirrel Nut ZippersHotJazz40

    And, there is evidence that listening to music while driving helps the driver concentrate and stay calmer. Not news to me, I had to have music when I was learning to drive, and still prefer the tunes on.

  27. I know it shows my age but how aboutOn the road again, by canned heat?

    or Under the Bridge – obviously not the All Saints version

    or I have a lovely mental image of you bombing around london to Wagner's 'Ride of the valkeries' or the William Tell Overture.

  28. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor – Drowning PoolPersonal Jesus – Marilyn Manson (much prefer this version!)

    Out To Get You – James (specially for the psych patients)

    Three Evils (embodied in love and shadow) – Coheed and Cambria

    With My Own Two Hands – Ben Harper

    Just a few of my personal favourites……they work for me!

  29. London Calling, by The Clash (seems appropriate…)In The Army Now, by Status Quo.

    Actually, the Ride of the Valkyries would probably be good on blues and twos.

  30. “Clubbed to Death” or “I'm not driving anymore” by Rob Dougan. (Did music for the Matrix/ Law and Order).Soundtrack to Kill Bill (especially “Battle without Honor or Humanity” – Tomoyasu Hotei).

    I play these tracks during the high frequent car accidents near my house – that section of Newham must be over a hellmouth.

  31. Hmm…Iron Maiden – Running Free, Run To The Hills, Iron Maiden, SanctuarySlayer – War Ensemble

    Joe Satriani – Dweller On The Threshold, Speed of Light

    Rammstein – Feuer Frei! (best heard on XXX at the beginning)

    Slipknot – Spit

    How's that?

  32. We don't really drive under any form of adrenaline (epinehrine?) because we are well aware that 80% of jobs are not worth speeding to…Like other forms of driving, with enough practice you can indeed drive 'like a nutter' while other parts of your brain are thinking of other things.

    Besides, is Queen more or less distracting than various neenaw noises?

    (Some crews drive to jobs drinking the coffee that they had just made, or smoking the ciggie that they had just lit, and they don't have accidents any more than the rest of us).

    We aren't so much 'high speed' as 'making progress' which is a subtle but important difference.

  33. I have heard it told, that in the past ambulances were fitted with loudspeakers, so a driver could *ahem* 'direct traffic around them'.These loudspeakers didn't last long, I suspect because there is always a desire to swear at people, and being given a loudspeaker would only make that desire worse.

    I have a dream – where we get those loudspeakers back, and I can blast 'Ride of the Valkyrie' out at the people of Newham.

    Somewhere around volume level 11…

  34. Boys of Summer (Henley or Ataris)Firestarter (Prodigy)

    Gasoline (Seether)

    Wake Up (3 Days Grace)

    I'd have better suggestions for driving back, I think. Not that I know how that feels exactly, but……

  35. Some tracks that get this american music nut through the 5am shifts at my shop (your mileage may vary):Off the Record by My Morning Jacket, anything off the Dimanche A Bamako, Rickety Rackety by Aesop Rock, anything by American Analog Set for thw slow moments, Jackie Dressed in Cobras and These Are the Fables by New Pornographers, Emily Kane and Good Weekend by Art Brut, Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, Little House of Savages by the Walkmen. anyways, i like music and there's all sorts of good stuff out there.

  36. Shihad: Holding On or anything off general electric.Fat Freddy's Drop: Skanking, Wandering eye,

    Salmonella Dub: push on through. either inside or outside the dub plates.


    The Cult: sonic temple

    Sisters of Mercy: anything.

  37. leftfield “open up” sending a shiver down my spine as i listen to it right nowtransvision vamp “baby i dont care” or “velveteen”

    also on an irrelevant subject i've managed to post this and some other music suggestions under someone elses name!? im vainglory not whoever it says at the top!

  38. o, nothing like garbage for driving under blues and threes (dutch ambulance)first came across it on a playstation title: gran turismo

    songs i prefer:

    as heaven is wide

    only happy when it rains

    although your choices are really excellent as well

  39. Rough Mix – Good shitCreeps in exile – Disobedience

    Powerman 5000 – When worlds collide

    Joe Satriani feat. Metallica – Instrumental

    Buckcherry – I won't leave you alone

    Fluke – Absurd

    Rollins Band – I go day glo

  40. I don't think so Snoop.I thought of The Chain after I did my post. When F1 really was worth watching, even if it was only to listen to Murray Walker.

  41. Max and Paddy in “Max And Paddy's Road To Nowhere” get caught speeding to Status Quo.Most stuff by AC/DC until it gives me a headache and I revert to my new Jack Johnson cd.


  42. today as I was pottering round oxford (we are not allowed to speed and there are loads of cameras on 30 limits) and listening to radio 2 (sorry!) Teen Spirit came on and i got a few funny looks as my car vibrated along. cheered me up tho

  43. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the “dangerous music to drive to” study that came out about a year ago.You can read the RAC foundation's take on it at:

    Long story short: certain pieces of music were found to increase the risk of a motor-vehicle accident

    The top five:

    1. Wagner “The ride of the Valkyries”

    2. Prodigy “Firestarter”

    3. Basement Jaxx “Red Alert”

    4. Faithless “Insomnia”

    5. Verdi “Dies Irae (Requiem)”

    Apparently the effects are magnified if the volume is.

    NB: I tried searching for the actual peer-reviewed scientific study behind all this, and couldn't find it through Web of Science, PubMed or the home-pages of any of the authors. So this may all be bunk.

  44. Well just to add some for youMuse – Plug in baby

    Greenday – American Idiot

    Rammstein – Mosku

    The Clash – London Calling

    Staind – For You

    Pearl Jam – Alive

    Powerman 5000 – Bombshell

    Now thats what I would listen to while driving like a mad man

  45. “We aren't so much 'high speed' as 'making progress' which is a subtle but important difference.”Exactly what my 'advanced motorist' qualification makes me say.


    Bad News: Warriors of Ghengis Khan

    Queens of the Stone Age: No One Knows

    Theme from Hawaii 5 – 0

    Andy Williams: Music to watch Girls go By

    Sham 69: If the kids are United

    dead Kennedys: California Uber Alles

    Primus: Too many Puppies

    Nine Inch Nails: Head like a hole

    Ministry: Jesus built my Hotrod

    Pantera: Walk

    Pantera: Fcuking Hostile

    Pantera: Message in Blood

    Italian Job Soundtrack: Self Preservation Society

    Spineshank: New Disease

    Deftones: Shove It.

    hope you get to listen to some of these if you havent already.



  46. New Radicals -couldn't remember their name but they are playing st this very moment.”You got the music in you.” Grrrrrreat!Pat

  47. “killing an arab” by the cure or the “killing floor” cover done by jimi hendrix. “communication breakdown” by zeppelin would also be ace

  48. Got to be Foo Fighters – All My Life.Although thinking of you driving to calls listening to the theme from Batman the TV SHOW is much funnier!!!

  49. Since You've Been Gone…RainbowJump…Simple Plan

    Don't Let Me Get Me…Pink

    Just Like a Pill…Pink

    Encore une Fois…Sash

    Hey Boy, Hey Girl…Chemical Brothers

    In the Shadows…The Rasmus

    Also, not so much a song to drive fast to…but a classic track you must check out if you haven't heard it….The Freshman by The Verve Pipe….enjoy!

  50. Oh believe me, you will just LOVE this one. Its a no-singing bit taken from the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack and it always double my heartbeat 🙂 Of course, its ten minutes long so it might not be perfect for your rapid response calls.Its called “Mona Lisa Overdrive”, made by Juno Reactor/Don Davis. You can find it on the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack, disc two, track five.

  51. Gimme Shelter… Rolling StonesSweet Child O'Mine… Guns N Roses

    Clocks… Coldplay

    Don't fear the reaper… Blue Oyster Cult

    Encore une Fois…Sash! …. ooops that one got me in trouble sorry officer!

  52. I used to drive a white van like a lunatic, no flashing blue light to make people move outta the way. Perhaps it was the tunes blasting from the gig-strength stereo that shifted 'em.1) Phantom of the Opera – Iron Maiden – good one for traffic lights

    2) Pantera / Slayer / Sepultura / Machine Head etc. perhaps even some Motorhead

    3) Paint it Black – Stones

    4) No sod it, just play the first three until you crash and burn

    Coincidentally, I witnessed a crash a couple of years back, a car upside down in a ditch with the stereo blaring out Suicide Note Part 2 – Pantera – the cops asked me about the accident, I started off saying I was helping the guy out whilst being deeply absorbed into the meaning of the words. Trippy man… The guy sat in my van and I put the same track on, brought a smile to his mildly lacerated face.

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