I was in tears last night watching the news about the earthquake victims, it's hard to imagine over 20,000 people dead and at least 46,000 people injured. I know that I would rather be out there helping people who really need help, rather than running around after people who have had a cold for the last three days…
Newham has a large Pakistani/Indian population, and I would suspect that nearly every family will have been touched by this disaster. The fasting of Ramadan (which is going on right now) is supposed to remind Muslims of those worse off than themselves – something I don't think they'll have much trouble with right now.

You can donate money to the Red Cross appeal, I have, have you?

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  1. I usually read your blog whilst at work and am always touched or amazed by what you do… the way you are in your role but also your compassion as a person… I'm of Pakistani origin and although luckily family and friends from where we come from shaken but ok, I just wanted to say thank you… cause I know so many people read your blog… so PLZ DO donate… every penny is needed… to the Red Cross, to which ever charity is helping… because thats what the people need… and your prayers.Thanks Reynolds, you have a heart of gold.


  2. There is a saying.1 death is a tradgey. 1000 deaths a statistic.

    But for every statistic there are dozens of tradgegies for those who knew them.

  3. Re the link regarding cane-reinforced adobe construction above: fascinating. One of the points they make is that unreinforced adobe walls tend to fall outward, allowing the roof to come straight down and crush everyone inside. Even if all the canes do is make the walls fall inward, they'll save thousands of lives, because then there would be some crawl space in the rubble. The other, much more depressing point, is how consistently solutions to problems are ignored. Somebody said after the New Orleans disaster that we don't really have *natural* disasters anymore. We know how to mitigate their worst effects, and if we haven't, they're less acts of God than man. (Gender-specific term intentional, because I'm feeling angry.)Well, the bright side, I guess, is that we do know what to do, at this point. I wonder whether we'll ever go and do it, or whether the madness of Michael Crichton and his ilk will have us grunting in caves and sticking straws in our hair because the real problems are never dealt with.

  4. And no doubt when they have recovered with enough western aid they'll return to hating us and teaching suicide bombers in their Madras's. Ho hum.

  5. It jst puts all the things going on in my own life right into perspective. It's just such an awfully mind-blowing tragedy. I mean, I can't even IMAGINE what the rescue crews, and all the people who have lost loved ones are going through.It just makes me so, so sad. That seems like such a small word to describe such a terrible thing but it pretty much sums it up.

  6. Well Mr R. your post has made the Red Cross a little richer today – happy to oblige your suggestion – seems reasonable reward for your most excelent blog

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