Jeannie has now safely been packed off to Bath for the next couple of days until her return flight to Seattle.  It’s been an interesting couple of days being a tourist in my own town.  I’m hoping that I was a good enough host for Jeannie – living on my own I may have lost some of those essential social skills…

But I would just like to point out that this is my blog, and that when I ask a question I would like you to all agree with me thankyouverymuch.  I’d just like to state that I’ve learned a new definition for the word ‘sizing’, and that I’ve never had any problems with sleeping on unwashed new pillow cases.

To be honest, I reckon that my face contains more nasty stuff than any new bit of linen, and is as tough as old leather.

Back to reality/work in twenty two hours…

19 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. …I mean, I put all my time and effort into the subliminal programming to turn you all into my Willing Mental Slave Attack Army of Doom, and you go and ignore it all as soon as some crazy American wanders along.There will be punishment.

  2. So sorry, Mr. Reynolds, I wasn't aware that agreement with the author was required of your legions of fans. HAHAHAHAI am still curious as to the actual state of your linens that Jeannie wanted new ones…

  3. Yes, agreement is mandatory – just look at the banner and let your eyes unfocus…There was nothing wrong with the pillows in a male sense – I had four, they were clean, just I don't think that they were 'fluffy' enough for delicate female sensibilites.

    I dunno, next they'll be moaning that I have no internal doors or curtains…

  4. I'm sorry Mr Reynolds.*looks incredibly cute and irresistible*

    *flutters eyelashes*

    how can we make it up to you?

  5. I don't have a problem with using sheets straight out of the packet, as for washing them first, I believe that it is unecessary cleaning without warranty or a thought for the environment involved in the electricity needed for washing/ironing – surely it was clean when it was made?Apologies if this causes offence


  6. I agree with you Reynolds – they are probably cleaner out of the bag than they will be after you've washed and dried them. The same goes for cups in my book.A N Social Worker

  7. yeah right …and us UK expats in the US know it's impossible to fall in love over that sort of distance :PnosesRus regards……


  8. and no, I don't bother washing the sheets first. I do know I should but hey, if that's the most unsanitary crime in my domestic life I'm laughing.Mr Nosey aka monster

  9. “nothing wrong with the pillows in a male sense – I had four, they were clean, just I don't think that they were 'fluffy' enough for delicate female sensibilites” –TRHA! The pillowcases were clean, but his pillows are of the Victorian-era-feather type, so they weighed about 2 stone* each, and full of god-knows-what. The actual “gift” was the pillows themselves, but since he's a boy living on his own, I didn't think I could depend on his owning more pillowcases than he has pillows, and asking him beforehand would've given away the surprise. (I also wasn't sure that US & UK “standard” pillows were the same size. They are, in case anyone cares.)

    And yes, he does make life difficult with the no-curtains thing – thankfully, *I* have a sleeping mask. &nbsp &nbsp 😉

    * See how I'm still one with the lingo, even though I'm home now?

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