Playing Tourist In My Home Town

An elephant/man sculptureIt’s strange, but given the amount of times that I’m in the Docklands area (normally picking up twenty-something traders with cocaine induced cardiac problems), I’ve never come across this rather astounding sculpture.

I think it is made from bedstead wires.

I would also suggest that everybody reading this should take a day out to play tourist in your own hometown.

11 thoughts on “Playing Tourist In My Home Town”

  1. Is the sculpture a traumatized rabbit?At least it looks lush & green there. Here we've parched brown whiskers pretending they were once green long ago.

  2. Are there patterns on the soles of its feet? It looks like a whimsical version of the Buddha statues you find in Burma. The lying down has something to do with the peace of enlightenment. I think.

  3. It's a sheep with rabbit's ears, giant's arms, hugging fat human legs with big feet…and I *like* modern sculpture!Have you been to see the bridge that rolls up into a wheel? It's beautiful art and precision engineering. I'll look up where it is and re-post later. Looks like you're both having a truly great time. Good!!

  4. Here in Boston, we go out on weekends to do exactly that.Such a weird combination of sad and cute, that poor rabbit. Amazing. Thanks.

  5. Play tourist? In Milton Keynes? Not wise… Ok, on your left you can see the snow dome and the new looks-like-it's-still-under-construction freefalling tower. On your right, the food centre. Yes, that's a posh way of saying 'there's Sainsbury's'. Erm… Ahead of you is the garden centre. You know what, that's it.Unless somebody took us on a tour of all the modern sculptures in MK, but that would take months, and it's all shite.

  6. ..ah, but have you seen the gradually evolving shopping trolley sculpture on H8? Since its installation there have been subtle changes almost daily…first a shoe added, then some wheels removed and then its re-positioned at a slightly different angle, then the shoe is removed…I can hardly wait for Monday!. Then there's the particularly lovely group-fusion of special-brew cans and a cardboard box by the Marina Roundabout.

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