Jeannie #4

The Tower of London at nightDid you know that it is an impossibility for an American tourist to cross the Tower of London bridge at night in under an hour.  I think Jeannie managed to fill up the majority of her 1GB camera memory card with pictures of the tower, or corners of buildings.

London is lovely by night, so we did my favourite walk, which is along the South bank.

Today we attack Camden market…

I expect to spend most of today standing around waiting for Jeannie to finish trying on rings, while holding her coat.

7 thoughts on “Jeannie #4”

  1. Have I missed Jeannie #3 or wasn't there one?Good luck with the ring hunting.

    Tom, if I venture down to London will you be my tour guide too?

  2. Tom, you actually sound relaxed and chilled and having a great time. And your vast audience out here are pretty glad to see that for you!Hope you both have a really great day in Camden – and enjoy the coat holding 🙂

  3. Where is she putting the rings on that requires you to hold her coat?Unless she has one of those coats with mittens sewn on the end.

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