Serenity (And Jeannie #2)

Jeannie and I outside the Tower of LondonSo Jeannie and I have been roaming around London, and to the left you can see a picture of us outside the Tower of London.  It was the first time that I’d ever been on a London tour bus, and to be honest the experience wasn’t too bad.  I did of course annoy Jeannie by pointing out things that the recorded tour audio missed, and gave her little tit bits of information on various places and people.

There was a reasonable amount of drinking in London pubs.  As a ‘lightweight’ I stuck to the rather weak, but also tasty, John Smiths.  We met up with Mozrat (from IRC) and had a nice little meal in Paddington.

Another first was the little river cruise that we took.  I’ve lived in London all my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually been on the river Thames.  So a short trip up to Embankment was a pleasant change to the normal tube travel.

We had a little wander up to Leicester square, where we stumbled across the Premiere for ‘Serenity’. I think that I’ve mentioned before how much I love the TV series Firefly that has spawned this film.  So we stood around for a bit until some of the stars, and the writer turned up, and I snapped some pictures.

Joss Whedon - WriterNathon Fillon - actorSummer Glau - actorThey all spent a great deal of time signing autographs and meeting the fans.  Joss Whedon is in an unusual position, there are few writers/directors who get their name so prominently on the movie poster.  The poster reads ‘A Joss Whedon Film’, which I think is a little unusual.

It also mentions that he was the creator of Buffy and Angel.

I can’t think of any other movie that mentions TV programmes on it’s poster.

Talking of the posters – the railings that we were standing behind had hardboard posters for the movie.  We liked them.  So did the couple who were standing next to us…

So after everyone had gone in, and after getting permission from the security people, I pulled out my penknife and got Jeannie, and the other couple some swag.

Jeannie and her Serenity swag.

I don’t know how she is going to get it home though, as it is quite incapable of being folded…

 I like to think that Nathon Fillon and I look similar, after all we both play characters called Reynolds…

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  1. Thanks, all, for all the kind words of welcome (bookwormom, you're my new favorite! &nbsp ;-D), and yes, I am having a fantabulous time. I've played tourguide a LOT in Seattle (even more in the last couple of years, since I've been a part of #joiito), and it's always fun to do, but this is the first time in longer than I care to admit that I've played tourist anywhere else. It's really quite fun. I take pix of EVERYTHING, and then when people hear me speak after doing something odd, they just kinda smile indulgently (well, usually…actually, pretty much everybody does, except Tom), and let me go on my way. Still having a hard time not tipping people, but since the dollar sucks so much right now, it's rather a relief not to!The “Serenity” thing was pure serendipity – was fun to see. We were standing next to this really cute couple (young geeks in love are precious!), and the guy told me of his plan to wait until the people had gone inside, security was getting lax, but they hadn't started breaking things down yet, and then he was gonna grab one and run. Then he asked if we happened to have a bladed implement. Tom, natch, had his Swiss army knife on him.

    It was a little disappointing, actually, to be – at the last second before our coup – given permission, but still, it was a good plan, and we would have carried it off fearlessly. Tom was very brave, though, because as people saw that they were going to be allowed to take the posters, we realized that the couple had taken the one that was in front of us, and the others were getting quickly claimed. We worked our way over to the press sections, Tom nonchalantly worked his way through a gap, and grabbed me one from there. My hero! (insert dramatic sigh here)

  2. You & Jeannie look to be having a wonderful time being tourists. She has a beautiful smile.It is odd playing at tourist in one's home city. I've had to do it a few times for guests here in Washington (DC) & it was a very interesting & eye opening experience.

  3. When was the Serenity premiere? I'd not seen Firefly before this week – we had a screening of Serenity at work last saturday – I loved it, and then went out and bought the Firefly box-set – working my way through that now…. and loving every minute of it…

  4. If you really squint you look like him (I might need glasses), although given the choice I'd have you every time!!!!

  5. post it to Jeannie's home address in a rigid flat box, after she goes home.Also making sure she has hands free for carrying extra luggage on the journey home 🙂

  6. Oh, yes, for all that shopping Jeannie's going to be doing. Will you be with her, Reynolds? I was shopping in Oxford St last night, came away with no money and saw feet.

  7. wooo. we were at the world premiere of serenity (which was held at the edinburgh international film festival) but because we were in the huge queue for the un reserved seats we missed out in all the red carpet fun. How lucky for you.Our student union are doing a scratchcard promotion with serenity merchandise and i nicked one of their posters…not quite so excited about my steal now that i've seen the size of what you got jeannie. how resourceful of you! and so polite to ask the security guards too.

  8. Speaking of boat tours, going through the canals in London is even more fun than the Thames. (I'm a real sucker for boat-anything of any kind.) I did that several years ago, and don't remember any of the specifics except that I think it starts at Camden Locks. It's a trip, in every sense of the word.

  9. Nathan Fillon AND Joss (Genius) Whedon in one place? Damn it – how could I have missed that event? I am not the geek I (proudly) thought I was…Hmmm Nathan…….

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