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I often talk about ambulance Control, but although I’ve spent a shift up there, I don’t really know what it is like to work there full time.

But now I do.

Nee Naw is the blog of one of our Control staff.  If you like my blog (and you must if you are reading it), then you will also love this blog, as it shows exactly what it is like on the other side of the phone.

Go and read it now, then bookmark it/add it to your feed, and then you will truly know the idiots that we have to deal with…

13 thoughts on “Control Blog”

  1. thats another thing for me to read! My eyes are going to fall out from reading all this good stuff :)Thanks for the link

  2. Ah, familiarity is reassuring, nice to see you guys over there in the UK have the same idiots as her in Oz 😉 Its a pitty the general public dont get to see what its really like both in the call centres and on the road. Both are great blogs, thanks guys.

  3. Another brilliant blog to read. I wish people like you and Mark would write for traditional print media. I was looking at some articles today. I had to re-read some sentences five times before I eked any meaning out of them.Your stuff reads effortlessly, and I get completely absorbed in picturing what you're writing about. Only very good writers can do that.

    Anyway, cheers.

  4. Nee Naw is great stuff. Another reason to sit at the computer as opposed to working. I shall add Nee Naw to my blog, I think.

  5. Unfortunately I never found out…Where is your website? I need these tips on passing my driving test you mention in your profile!

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