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  1. Man, that boy just canNOT follow directions. “Yeah, sure, blog my safe arrival – but so help you god if you mention my luggage.”So, gentle readers, any suggestions for a suitable punishment for him? &nbsp &nbsp 😉

    I reorganized after getting to Tom's house, and yes, had one full suitcase of prezzies to hand out and no, not all of them for Mr. Reynolds. (However, he very cleverly waited until after he'd gotten his before posting this!) Ironically, though, I forgot the present for the first person I met yesterday. Sigh. (I've decided to blame any lapses on jetlag, though, so that's sorted – and I plan on continuing to do so for at least a week after I get home.)

  2. In my family I'm the one who travels light – one suitcase to the husbands two every single time and when we get home I usually find that he hasn't used or worn most of what he takes.CBRetriever

  3. Tom, you should know better than to ask something like that. One of the bags i purely an anvil for swingin and hitting inconsiderate males who ask why they need all those bags. What you should worry about is that even though one bag is full of consumables/detrius/presentst hat will be empty by Saturday evening, athat bag will be full, and another bag purchased, because the kit won't fit back in the bags they came in.– Ewan

  4. It's like the Third World. Women are always carrying everything, including all the stuff men didn't take. (No, wait, she's travelling by herself. I'll have to invent something better.)

  5. You'll never understand, not in a million years. Don't try – just accept that it's a fact of life – women will always have more luggage than men.

  6. simple, we pack everything that we think we, and anyone else may possibly need in the next 10 years. Strangely, we never forget anything though, and always have spares

  7. Welcome to the UK Jeannie, I guess you will be needing an extra suitcase when you go back, unless one of the current ones is full of presents for Tom.Have a nice trip, and take care in the tourist spots, we don't want you to have any bad memories from your trip.

    The Driving Instructor

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