4 thoughts on “You Know It’s A Quiet Night…”

  1. Some times it is good to just be able to collect your thoughts and unwind. But as you found out, it was busier later on.I'm sorry to hear about the 7 year old, I'm grateful to God I haven't had to deal with a family emergency, but I'm sure I will call the experts if in doubt.

  2. Sheesh. I hadn't thought about it before, but you lot don't have to actually *chase* ambulances when looking for business. Hmmmm. (Why is there a Gahan Wilson cartoon flashing before my eyes?)

  3. Hehe, my friends and family often laugh at me about that.When I come home and say “I had a really slow shift” they usually reply with “Oh, what a shame more people didn't get maimed and injured!”

    On one of our training nights the guest speaker burst out laughing when our team leader tried to coax one of us into working an events shift by saying “It's a good shift, heaps of people get hurt” 🙂

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