No More Anonymous

In the past 10 minutes I’ve had over 650 comment spam messages to this blog.

Comment spam that I am going to have to delete by hand tomorrow/later today.

Were I feeling on top form, I’d be wanting to kill things in a painful and noisy fashion.

So I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to turn off anonymous posting. 

But console yourself that it is really easy to get an account, and that it works on all Blogware blogs.

I think I’ll be throwing things around the room after I’ve had some sleep though…

17 thoughts on “No More Anonymous”

  1. Tom,I know you know what I mean if I say “Imagine all the Spammer's are Type 2's!”.

    See you next time you are at Contact!


  2. Think you are referring to Lycos' antispam screensaver.In essence, Lycos had a website ( that offered users a screensaver that would, when active, launch repeated Denial-of-Service attacks against known Spammers' websites. In layman's terms, it used the otherwise idle processing power of your computer while in screensaver mode to attack spammers' websites, hence slowing them down and possibly even overloading them. Much like the mydoom viruses which reaped havoc for Microsoft, with DoS attacks aimed at back in 2004.

    But like reported in this article, DoS attacks are actually illegal in most countries, and the Lycos website was soon hacked and disabled, leaving only a warning message advising visitors that their IP address had been referred to their Internet Service Provider.

    The joys of being a computer nerd – you can't help but clarify things for people… :p



  3. Just got my first one on my little blog. I await the deluge with trepidation. Spammers belong with rude smokers and pushy evangelicals belong in Hell. Or perhaps in Heck, which is much more irritating.Good luck.

  4. I have 1550 and counting. Don't delte them by hand – email Blogware and ask them to do it. They should be able to do it with a simple database query.

  5. Tom, I know what will cheer you up.I've got some v14gra for sale.

    Or how about WinXP at low low low prices?

    Genuine designer watches just $29.99.

  6. H0T CH1X WANT U!Lowest Printer 1nk Prices, Brenda do YOU want a quote?! 57 searches for you, Heather!

    Get a GovtSecuredLoan

    (from my inbox this morning)

    The bit that worries me is that there must be someone, somewhere, who responds to these – otherwise they wouldn't bother doing it.

  7. Yep me too. Given how vile the spam was, I couldn't wait and see what Blogware might do. Lord knows that this must be slamming their servers really hard.Unfortunately I was out when it all hit, so my inbox hit 1952 before I could stem the tide. I finished deleting at 1.30 AM Pacific time, I started at 5 PM

  8. And one can't forget the brilliant,”Hi. This is your bank. Or rather, a bank that you've never heard of before, but you seem to have an online account with. Please login to our really dodgy looking server (do not worry, it's perfectly safe, honest) and give your account details so that we can update our database which mysteriously isn't working. And we don't have a backup. So please, use the following link:

    Thank you for your continued custom.”

    And it's amazing how many people get swindled like this!

    I might actually post something on this on my blog thinking about it ….



    PS. OK, so the wording is a little more technical than that and they look a lot more genuine … But still!!!!!

  9. I keep getting the damn “Please re-register with paypal or we will delete you” kind of thing. I forward to paypal and report to my mail people as spam and all I get back is a message from paypal saying “We can confirm this isn't from us. Hope you didn't give them any information or money.” Except I get this about 3 days later. Which is kinda useless.I like that freeserve application that spammed the spammers back. Shame it had to be shut down because it was causing DoS attacks.

  10. I'm think my favourite one is where I get an email from the webmaster of my domain telling me that my account will be closed unless I send details of my bank to them…Except I am the webmaster of my domain.

    …and I can't remember closing my own account.

  11. I prefer to be upfront about things. One of my profiles on this internet thingymajiggerwatsit has the line “Will befriend for spring rolls. Paypal accepted.”No one's responded yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

  12. It's the subject lines that get me. A couple from the past few days (handily plunked into a Spam folder on my mailserver by spamassassin)”Has your cum ever dribbled and you wish it had shot out?” Hmm – (thinks…) nope, I can safely say I have not.

    “Have sex like when you were 17!” What, badly, in the back of a rusty Volvo in a quiet layby somewhere? Uhm, no thanks.

  13. I guess I should introduce myself, having just come out of the woodwork…I was formerly one of your occasional anonymous commenters :)Just for fun, I looked through some of the 484 spam emails that have been filtered out by my ISP in the last week, here's some of the better (or more intriguing) subject lines:

    Got a ticket? Go to traffic school.

    Like to cook? Consider culinary school.

    Portable toilets…for when you have to go right now.

    Who knows if you'll ever need one? But a gas generator is never a bad decision.

    Altoids Vending Machine Opportunity

    Find the right table cloth for the right occasion.

    and finally, my favourite:

    How does a genuine imitation $5000 watch for $250 sound? thump

    (Don't you just hate those non-genuine imitations? The ones that don't go “thump”?)

  14. I found myself doing an emergency captcha installation, after the first seven hundred had arrived.That fixed 'em, the smegheads ! They were still pouring in as I installed… and none of them were fit for family consumption! (or indeed, for any consumption in most parts of the world…)

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