ITV (A T.V. channel in Britain), has a new drama called “Golden Hour”, which is about the London air ambulance.

It’s bloody awful, although some of the special effects are alright.  It is in a complete fantasy world all on its own.  I would write more, but I don’t want to waste my time, or yours.

If you are not from Britain, then please ignore this post

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  1. I seem to recall there was a similar show in the 90s, on ITV, it had a helicopter and lots of people dressed in green. I really liked it but it got cancelled. Anyone remember this?

  2. pinklefish;- i'd almost forgotten about that,even though the bastards making the programme woke me up one morning by flying that bloody great helicopter about 6 inches above my head while filming an episode

  3. Regarding this Trauma prog, I've only ever seen bits of it, and I wondered how they get the permission of the people they film… I'm guessing they get it afterwards, but what if the person is really pissed off they got filmed at all, and that the film exists of them all smacked up and half naked on a trolley?I often wonder about this with those fly on the wall things, especially when people are getting arrested – some of them don't have their faces blurred, and I could never work that out. It must be either that they have agreed to have their face shown on telly, or they had no choice in the matter as their face could legally be shown once they were convicted or something.

    Does anyone know the deal?

  4. I was on Trauma Uncut a couple of weeks ago – woman trapped in a car after what was described as a head on collision (actually she was T-boned). They didn't show the bit where I was drawing up a flush, turned round and nearly got the camera in my eye!

  5. Was wondering when you'd get around to mentioning it..Watched it last week, didn't bother this week. Can think of better ways to waste 90 minutes!

  6. as a tv show i thought it was alright, good action, crappy camera work, shifty flashbacks. i missed it today due to shift work, i can never really watch a show on tv habitually because of the shifts, just d/l the ones i want instead to peruse at my own leisure ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. its an abysmal programme, with a dire script and acting that would make a rainforest proud (i.e. wooden). i hate it!!!!greetings from the SW sector xx

  8. I agree with Caring Clare – I was interested, but think I'll leave it now. I shall stick with the very excellent Trauma instead, and play Spot the Reynolds ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I'm kinda glad I'd not heard of this one before….From the premise, it sounds like the kind of thing I'd love (coming from a healthy interest in this blog and a love of helicopters), but there's nothing worse than wholely innacurate fiction, so, on your recommendation, I'll continue to not even know it exists…

  10. Couldn't agree more with you Reynolds, they have wasted 90 mins on a total piece of cr*p and call it entertainment. They have pandered to the masses requirement for entertainment instead of making a quality programme that emulates the real thing but with a fictional story; would be nice if for once the tv executives starting thinking with their brains and not their rear ends.I prefer the BBC programme of Trauma, ok so they shield the viewer from the very worst aspects but it is hard hitting and live people not pretend to be real actors. I have nothing but admiration for the guys who deal day in and day out with the sharp end of ermergency medicine from HEMS and Hospital to the Ambulance crews.


  11. I have to agree, Trauma is much, much better (although I'm not sure of how much of a complement that is when compared to the 'Crappy Hour').

  12. I've watched both episodes, its the flash backs that get to me.I haven't seen Trauma as I'm usually out at that time. There used to be a DOC about HEMS, and I thought this would give more indepth views of thier operations, but no it does not. I think I'll still watch next week unless there is something more interesting on.

    The Driving Instructor

  13. Oh you utter, utter star Jennie! I've been trying to remember that for weeks since I saw some of the trailers for this thing. Can't find much info about it online, I only recall I absolutely adored it for some reason. Oh from looking at IMDB I think I was in love with the guy who played Sam Kline. The name rings a bell but I can't find a pic of him.

  14. I love watching all the medical stuff, Casualty, Holby City, Trauma etc etc and watched the golden hour too and must admit it is papLiz & a poorly Baby Josh

  15. There are a multitude of problems associated with these Medical shows. With this latest bollox being shown it gives the general publico, that when a Medivac turns up (When it can land), the Doc will jump out (Perfectly by scene) whap into the back of the helo and rush them off to a lovely ending. (Ps, we made it there before you, so you can shove your heli up yer arse, we called you)I know it's meant to be entertaining, but when did someone potentially going off be good to watch?

    Trauma, is much nearer the truth, a good 90+% of the time to be fair. But it's shown as all the exciting stuff(Apparently), Helo lands, doc come running (You don't see 4-5 mins of running), 38 seconds later, Doc on sc. RSI'd, vento going, and we wheel the fook back on back of abmo. Before this has happened, RRV has made secene in WAY < 8 min (2,3,4,5,6) usually. We chug on behind, as per RRV request (Hammer it lads) we sc. @ +3/4 mins RRV. Shout medivac, (RRV Para + Ambo Para + Tech) stab, PT. Thumper turns up (4/5/6/7) mins. Glorious HEMS fix everything We carry them off. They get glory and we do all the hard work + RRV

    You would think I am bitching HEMS, NO, NEVER NO bloody way. HEMS saves your lives. So do we. Just a bit annoyed that TV shet don't show you the full show.

    PS, Casualty is seriously wank.

    Rens, Keep it up mate, and if it goes down, NHS pay for blue knob jumpers :0

  16. ATV…… didn't they make Tiswas years ago :)TV only wants to show the exciting stuff……. them checking their kit, flying for 20 mins, turning up at a job that doesn't

    a/ include lots of the word “stat” a lot

    b/ somebody being tubed, sorry intubated

    c/ somebody getting defib'd

    is, in the eye of these TV types a bit boring.

    if you went by the BBC's Casualty, all resus's in a hospital are succesful on the whole with the patient walking off into the sunset fully recovered….. the reality is that 3-5% of resus's in a hospital setting are succesful. and sadly our customers or clients or whatever we call the public nowadays, are unable or unwilling to seperate fiction from reality and hence have unrealistic expectations of what can be provided.

    in a previous life, my job was 95% mundane routine, and 5% sheer hell, when i saw a program on Air Traffic, you'd think the %'s were reversed

  17. I've just got round to watching the first episode today (heavy shifts!) and crikey, it is giving me a headache. It might have been passable (albeit histrionic and with no grounding whatsoever in reality) if everything happens in the right order but, oh my god, those muted colour flashbacks and that infuriating “whoomph” sound between scenes… how rubbish can you get? And there's still a hour of it left. I don't think I can stand any more. I think I will switch off and add my name to the list of Trauma-preferers. Give me Martin and Tim over this lot any day!

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