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  1. Hi, I really got into WoW from March to June but just had to give it up (I got to lvl 45) as it was taking up way too much of my time – oh and the summer was here. How the hell do you get the time to play it?Anyway, what was the difference between the RP servers and the normal ones?


  2. Hello,I'm senseoftumour and I'm over on Aggramar with my horde characters, and Thunderhorn with my Alliance guys. By all means come say hi if you're over there, my Character names are over on my blog, but I've added Gnomoremercy (A) and LilMizstabby (H) since then.I've been playing for about 3 months, and still dont have a character over level 35 yet, cos I've got about 8 on the go at once!

  3. In a n RP server you pretend Real Life doesn't exist. It's about immersing yourself totally in the game. There are extra rules such as no talking about films or anything that's not in-game, andthat your char name must be fantasy related, or you will get kicked.Chris

  4. Having played City of Heroes , WOW and Eve-Online I have to say Eve has more enduring game play for me.WOW and COH kinda have no end game once you hit max level, I enjoyed both but intertest waned quickly after hitting top level.

    In Eve you can train about 10 million skill points a year real time and there currently 275 million skill points of stuff you can get into and you don't have to be online to level up, useful if you have an ireegular schedhule.

  5. Have just started Eve-Online, purely because you people rave about it (and because of something I read in a magazone where a corp got taken down by a band of assasins (or something))Say hello to “Thomas Reynolds”, Caldari miner and complete n00b…

  6. If I ever decide to create a character on a PvP RP server, then I will drop you a line. Good luck with that. I understand from a fellow guidlie on another RP server that characters walk everywhere – can't be doing with that!Katherine

    PS I'm female, and until I started playing this damn game I'd have said the same thing about sad, male, computer geeks. Serves me right for marrying one.

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