Anyone going to Podcast Con UK on Saturday? I'll be there, and I shall probably be wearing a big hat. I want to be known from now on as “The Blogger in the Hat”.
(If Ewan goes around with a kilt, and Ben in a skirt, then I think a hat is perfectly acceptable).

I have also got my copy of 'Podcasting Hacks'.

This means that, along with a redesign of the site, that there may well be some more 'proper' podcasts in the near future.

Then I have a week off work (although not a week off 'working'), where I shall teach you every trick I know concerning ambulance work (which shouldn't take long).

But tomorrow – I sleep.

14 thoughts on “Podcast”

  1. I'm with you, Snoop – most disappointing.Although I've seen Ewan in his kilt, and I can confirm that his knees are handsome, I've never seen Ben in his.

    Think we can get Reynolds into one…?&nbsp&nbsp () đŸ˜‰

  2. Could we have some treats with the tricks as well?I should really go on a 1st aiders course, but maybe your tricks will save me from that.

    I should alsi consider podcasting as well, though time is something that I don't have a lot of, but who has?

    The Driving Instructor

  3. I am ever so worried about the speed at which my stalkers cult members readers find new images of me to worship at.(What is sad is that I saw the camera being pointed, thought “FLICKR!” and tried to smile…)

  4. Well you did go to O'Brian's talk so it shouldn't come too much as a surprise – at least you should be prepared/aware of the speed at which these things go up. You should se some of the pics of me that have ended up on Flickr they are beyond unflaterring.At least you haven't got stopped by members of the publics going “are you etc? My son thinks you are great” like Neil and Geoff did when we were in Acton. So some more work to do be done there I feel before your cult makes it into mainstream.

  5. Batsgirl, fair point – I like the way you think.&nbsp&nbsp () ;-)Stroppy, thank you very much. I don't know Mr. Hammersley, but just FTR, those are some damned fine legs!

    ~jeanniecool, who is apparently too tired to recall her password atm

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