Blog Assessment of Personality System.


‘BAPS’ for short…


I was driving aimlessly around, trying to find an interesting job, but actually thinking about the redesign of the Guardian.


Many of the blogs that I read regularly have been commenting about the redesign of the Guardian newspaper, and I was pondering what this meant about the blogs that I read, and what it says about my personality.


The first time I was in college, I used to supplement my meagre income with Tarot card readings and palm reading (palm reading I would often do for free at parties, it allowed me to retire to a dark corner and stroke the hands of attractive young women).  All of which is utter rubbish, but it was amusing at the time.


So I now offer a new service – The BAPS.


Send me a list of 10 or 12 blogs or sites that you read regularly (Not Boing Boing, as everyone reads that), leave a tip in the Donation site and I’ll send back my analysis of your reading habits, and what it says about your personality.


It will not be the same as everyone else, nor will it be a simple ‘cut n paste’ job.




And this post isn’t just a chance to snaffle some Google juice for the word BAPS, which for the non-Brits is a slang term for a female chest.

21 thoughts on “B.A.P.S.”

  1. 'I was driving aimlessly around, trying to find an interesting job'I thought you already had an interesting job!

    I don't read that many blogs, so don't have a list of 10-20 sites, so don't think I qualify for BAPS.

    The Driving Instructor

  2. Hello Reynolds and friends,We are starting a grassroots “Carnival of Compassion” where patient bloggers and healthcare workers host the Carnival on a weekly basis to communicate to the blogosphere how Americans are dealing with their diseases, life, death and healing.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in hosting a “Carnival of Compassion” in the coming weeks.

    You will simply enter a blog entry that links to other patient and healthcare related blogs.

    You can read more here: http://www.medsim.net/carnivalofcompassion.php

    Questions? Feel free to ask!

    thanks for your time!

    Dr Del


  3. I don't see many Americans over this side of the pond though…And I don't do much in the way of 'compassion' either (I've just come back from an abusive drunk in the street).

  4. Here's a helpful hint…I'd never poke you or anyone with a pointy stick ! I'm a peace-maker through and through.Enjoy your weekend and don't spend too long on this!!

    Just a bit of fun as Peter Snow always says…

  5. oh do please tell us who actually signs up for this…and what their personality assesment is :o)and err I think you need some help on the get-rich-quick schemes

  6. Maybe I shouldn't confess this in public, but I don't read Boing Boing. In fact I find it incomprehensible. Not sure what that says about my personality. Misfit? No change there, then!

  7. My password doesn't work anymore! I made a donation yesterday so here is my list..make of it what you will!Madelaine (user name;my real name was already taken)











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