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  1. just had a look at the news article. laughed when i got to the bit about health and welfare being of the utmost importance. thats pants. everything is sacrificed for orcon, especially the on the road staff.

  2. Scandalous, but probably more prevalent than anybody would like to admit (from management, at least). We've been working with digital radiocommunications for the last 6 months and that's great. My radio has a panic button, which, if I hit it, the whole of the channel is thrown open for me for 30 seconds to tell the people in the mutidisciplinary control room (police, fire and ambo) and all my colleaugues with radio's what's going on. It's also hands free, so I just have to hit the button once and start talking like a madman – I'm guaranteed more help than I can handle within 5 minutes. That's the way it should be!!!

  3. Much fuss is made of them using mobiles instead of radios. My experience of LAS was they nearly always use mobiles instead of radios these days – they're more reliable and more specific to a unit you want to contact. I'm assuming this is true of most of the emergency services these days. I guess the key here is “their own mobiles”. Still, implies to me the report was twisted slightly … at least to a degree in certain acusations.

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