Good karma is due for the duty manager of Waitrose who gave the ambulance crew (and, more importantly, myself) some free doughnuts for helping one of their shopgirls.
It was yummy.

Also – amusing sight of the day would be the RRU driver (erm…me) who was seen earlier today scrubbing alcohol gel into his ear after being forced to use a patient's grotty phone.

There may have been a slightly concerned look on my face when my new vehicle (more on which later) started shaking and bucking when I went over 60mph.

It can get fixed on Monday. Until then I'll just drive slowish to jobs on motorways…

13 thoughts on “Waitrose”

  1. Dohnuts are gross, unless made fresh. Tom, just a thought while I was watching Trauma yesterday, have you ever been on an episode? I saw someone that i thought jooked like you, just curiousLiz & Baby Josh

  2. I was shown very quickly on the first series – although you wouldn't know it was me…Details here

    I think they are obviously mising a trick by not having me as the star of the show – but I am a media whore now…

  3. Yeah now they would probably pay you for every second you are shown there.I've never seen TRAUMA but I know one of the producers:-)

  4. Surely when in the RRU it would make more sense to NOT send you to motorways when its knackared? – The powers that be eh!

  5. Sometimes we have to do assessments – so it could have been that. More likely the RRU was being used as a 'taxi' so that one half of a stranded crew can go and pick up a replacement ambulance, then return to pick up his crewmate and continue working.

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