Pixies BackdropGuess who I saw last night at Alexandra palace?

The Pixies.

My brother paid for the tickets, and some beer (cider for him), so once more he shows what a great person he can be when he puts his mind to it.

As we were entering the venue we heard the most un-rock and roll like thing ever.  In front of us was a group of people wearing the ‘right’ T-Shirts, the right tattoos and the right facial piercings.  Then they went and spoiled it all by asking if the venue was air-conditioned…

Cue much eye-rolling by myself, my brother, and all the security within earshot.

The Futureheads were playing support, and I was immediately struck by how they sounded like the Stranglers, even my brother agreed.  I’m not a massive fan of them, but I do like their version of ‘Hounds Of Love’, and while their latest single ‘Decent Days and Nights’ is alright, for me it is an instantly forgettable tune.  Their set was I think marred by a rather rubbish sound setup – something that affected the Pixies performance.

Poor, far away shot via cameraphone of the Pixies

Then it was time for the Pixies, playing their little hearts out, I was reminded that Frank Black has indeed, eaten all the pies.

The sound setup, as I mentioned earlier, was less than ideal – but the crowd didn’t seem to mind – they played all the favourites, saving ‘Gigantic’ for the encore (following some hammed up pleading from Frank towards Kim, thus showing that perhaps they have healed the rift between them).

Finishing with a parody of the Waltons (“G’night Frank”, “G’night Kim”), it was left for us to wind our weary way home, with the sound of ringing in our ears.

A good night – cheers brother!

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  1. My brother paid for the tickets, and some beer (cider for him), so once more he shows what a great person he can be when he puts his wallet mind to it. ;@)

  2. Well I did see them over the Leeds weekend (they where the highlight after the Foo Fighters) and yes frank has indeed eaten all the pies.

  3. Leeds Festival? They were great at Reading Festival on Friday, although the set at Alexandra Palace looks suprisingly similar to the one at Reading.

  4. That pic of Blank Frank (as Chris Morris calls him) you linked to: I have that shirt, and when I wear it with jeans, apart from the hairstyle, I look exactly like that.And I'm a girl.

  5. Home (I posted that I was going tonight earlier..)We got the hammed up argument about Gigantic too.. but no Waltensesque ending.. and they finished at 10:23.. 7 minutes early!! Bloody good gig though… throroughly enjoyable (and many laughs had towards bloke standing next to me playing air guitar all the way through!)

  6. Was good. Suddenly had tickets to see them dropped in my lap yesterday morning as a birthday pressie!Ally Pally is such a beautiful venue.


  7. Profound seething jealousy here on the other side of the world!!! And what a perfect pick for the encore… bliss.NZ Nic

  8. They were amazing were they not!?i'm gonna nab your fuzzy pics for my blog as i can't send mine from my phone for some reason.

    I have to say that (even though i've seen Sonic Youth & Nick Cave all within a year) that was the best fucking show on earth!!

    Nice work & thanks


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