I Surrender

Right, I give up…

Moving house and then a week away from internet connectivity has meant that I have no chance of catching up on all the blogs I subscribe to on Bloglines.

I’ve just spent the past six and a half hours trying to make a dent in the unread articles.

So I just hit the “Mark all as read”.


I’ll try to do better in future.

10 thoughts on “I Surrender”

  1. Hi, first time I've read your blog, it was on a link from a friend's. Enjoyed it as I'm a bobby in Manchester, so find that a lot of your issues are similar to mine! Good to see you joined the caring profession, me, I went for the uncaring one!!

  2. I really enjoy reading this blog.What I'd really like to know is how that EMT/RRU thing works.

    What do you have to do to go on a RRU and is it better paid actually? Were you asked or did you have to apply? Did you have to do any test or something like that? What about those motorbike paramedics? (what are they called again?)

    You have to be a “paramedic” for that but not for the RRU, right??

    Do you prefer that RRU thing? Is RRU and FRU exactly the same? (Sorry for bombarding you with all those questions but I'd really like to know 🙂

  3. “Put all of your high priorities on one list and your low priorities on another. Then do everything on both lists even if it kills you otherwise you're a freakin' loser.” (Dilbert)I think “mark all as read” is a better idea.

  4. I hope you took your notebook and did all that while lying in the sunshine today, otherwise I would think you crazyI really really love this weather but today it took me 2 hours to get from Cobham to Hampton Court (instead of 20 minutes) and I felt so much like crashing into all those cars (but I didn't)

    Then I thought how nice it would be to have a siren you could just put on.. or at least a motorbike. And it was so hot I nearly died.

    Apropos dying. Did you hear of that guy who died because he spent too much time infront of the computer? (don't ask me how I hit on that *grin*)

  5. But I am a gothic creature of the night, and have had quite enough sun in Mexico. My arms, legs and face are quite pink enough already thank you very much.Sirens are fun…

  6. Welcome to that swamped feeling, when your bloglines account seems just too full, and it feels like you're swimming against the tide all the time. Happens all the time when travelling and using a mobile connection – so s..l..o..w… After a week, well, maybe you'd better call the coastguard!. 😉

  7. RRU (and FRU, different name for the same thing) pays exactly the same as normal EMT/Paramedic roles.I had to apply for it, and I think I got it because the exact number of places had the exact number of applicants…

    I only had to prove that I wasn't an idiot before going on the RRU, and show that I could drive it without hitting any walls.

    I have no idea about the Motorcycle response units, as there is no way you are getting me on one of those deathtraps.

    You can be pretty much anything on an RRU/FRU as long as you can get to calls within 8 minutes…

    Hope this answers your questions.

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