Landed safely.
I'm now at work, and it's hard to think that it was only twelve hours ago that I was sitting on a plane, and twenty four hours ago I was in 'Coco Bongo' in the middle of Cancun's party zone.

On the way to work I came across a car that had flipped onto it's roof – of course I stopped to help (not out of concern for my fellow man, but because it counts as 'double time' overtime), luckily no-one was seriously hurt.

I'll do a proper post later (probably tomorrow), and then later in the week I'll subject you to another podcast. Then there are lots of emails and projects to start work on, including a revamp of this site.

At the moment, I'm thinking a lot about the people of New Orleans and the surrounding area. No matter what I do tonight, my work will be a hell of a lot easier than those trying to cope in hurricane conditions.

If I were religious, I'd be praying for them, but all I can do is wish them the best of luck.

3 thoughts on “RTB”

  1. Welcome back… saw something today and I couldn't get a photo of it in time. Rapid Response… bikes. I *was* at the Notting Hill Carnival, and I have no idea how they could have navigated the streets in a rapid response car let alone a bike but it made me laugh.

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