…And then a scant half an hour after I post that the hotel has Wi-Fi the network I'm using goes down and stays down…
Still I (hopefully) land back in London at 06:30 on Monday morning, then I have a little sleep until my nightshift later that day.

Oh, and I'n entering this on a gawd-awul kiosk system that has a keyboard lie an old fashioned telephone.

Now I'm going out to a club. It's a hard life.

5 thoughts on “Doh!”

  1. ah… I may be in the arse end of the UK with nothing more exciting to do than my sewing, but at least I have a decent computer and keyboard and broadband connection. That's almost worth missing out on trip abroad, warm weather and so on.Nope. I'm trying to convince myself, but it's not working.

  2. Hope you are safely back Tom. My real son has just returned from Florida and the dreaded Matilda.I must say a week without you AND Zinnia is one hardship too many!

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